December 30, 2007


I'm completely and totally sleep deprived and I had a fleeting moment of brilliance but it ran away when I blinked because I almost tricked myself into having a nap only to realize that no nap is at bay....

We have the icky phlegmy wet cough accompanied by snotty noses and fevers. And everyone wants to snuggle except that they are achy; so they want to snuggle and not be touched at the same time because "You's is hurting my back, mama."

Meanwhile I discovered the absolute most pitiful sound on earth. Taylor has lost her voice. Yes, the BABY has lost her ability to coo and cry and it's just so darned pathetic and heart breaking and pitiful and lousy.

And I'm really getting some good verbage in here tonight aren't I? Now if only I could get in some really good TV while I'm up comforting babies, then I'd be golden. But NO, you danged writer's guild. You just had to go and have a hissy fit about something that I still don't understand and pretty much don't care to. All I know is that I want my shows and I want them now. Capiche?

Meanwhile, don't you just LOVE how doctor's have the ability to provide absolutely no new knowledge and/or comfort when it comes to something as pitiful as a "virus"

"No, there's nothing we can do. It's VIRAL. Just get some Dimetapp and wait it out."

Really? Wait it out? Because I seem to have been "waiting it out" for like, 87 months now. (Have any of you ever noticed that I really like the number 87? It's like, my favorite number. Or 12. I give things 12 points if I like it.... I'm getting delirious and nonsensical now, aren't I?)

Meanwhile, you all are very nice and leave perfectly lovely comments for me. I just thought you might like to know.

And also, Heather, I don't think you could want to borrow my kids right now. Let's "wait it out"

And also I seem to say things like, could, and want, and also, and heretofor quite a bit now too, don't I?

Alright. Seacrest out.