December 31, 2007

2007, In Retrospect.

~Top 10 Memorable Events~

the arrival of Taylor

Danny's eye surgeries (both of them)

Tad's adenoidectomy and ear tubes

My mom kicking cancer's butt

DadGuy finishing the garage addition

Getting to enjoy Christmas because I wasn't bedridden or pregnant for the first time in 4 years.....

turning 25. woo-hoo! My car insurance rates plummeted!

going on a vacation with my husband for the first time ever!
(no, we didn't have a
honeymoon, I had to work.)

being able to go to the temple because I wasn't bedridden for the first time in 4 years

my 5 year anniversary!!!

~10 Things I Learned to Do this Year~

ask for help ~ receive help ~ blog (eek!) ~ the art of doing nothing ~ how to remove stitches ~ how to remove staples~ to take it a day at a time ~ to not hold a grudge ~ to listen to my gut ~ to find peace

~Top 10 Favorite Foods~

~spaghetti (kinda boring, I know, but I love it.) ~ roasted squash ~ homemade tamales ~Dr. Pepper (it's not technically food, but I'm pretty sure it could sustain me) ~bread pudding (specifically mine) ~ salmon ~ broccoli ~ carrots ~ potatoes, any style ~ rice

~10 Things I Discovered or Rediscovered this Year~

~ life sucks sometimes, but that's okay ~ my husband is a SAINT ~ I like to be alone ~My children are beautiful and more than I could ever ask or hope for ~ That God is really in charge and He knows what he's doing ~ I have a wonderful family ~ I live in a great ward ~ You only need one or two great girlfriends ~ People come into your life for a reason, people leave your life for a reason ~ My body is amazing~

~10 goals for 2008~

~ learn to run ~ eat healthy ~ lose weight ~ potty train my kids ~ catch up on my scrapbooks ~ study my scriptures daily ~ have more patience ~ to go on vacation ~ finish up the interior of my house ~ find the joys in my everyday life ~