November 14, 2007


Just when I thought we were in the clear. . .

While I was giving the kids baths, I noticed some new spots. So, even though we're starting to scab over, we still are getting new pox. Ugh. I'm so over this. And so far, Daniel and Taylor haven't gotten it, at least they haven't started getting spotted yet. That's all I need. to finish this round and have another bout with those two somewhere down the road.

And since we still are stricken from going anywhere with other people, we were mean today. Really mean. There's new bruises all over the place. You gotta love their ability to turn anything into a deadly weapon. Car? Nope, Pummel Rock. Batons? Nope, Big Sticks. Fingers? Nope, Lobster Claws... the list goes on for days.

In other news. I'm tired. But Project Runway starts tonight (Hip Hip Hooray!!!) And that blasted Daylight Savings Time means it doesn't start here until 11. Dang all you other states, you're ruining my schedule!

Plus I feel like I've lost my funny. I was really funny a while back. Where'd it all go? I hate to think I've peaked with my blogging abilities, it's too early in the game. Maybe I'll just go back and pick something funny for you to read.

Alrighty, I was just looking up in my archives for something to submit as evidence that I'm so witty, and I didn't see anything that was particularly funny. Now I'm all disappointed. sigh. That's it. I've peaked.