November 25, 2007

Sunday Wrap

Today was the first Sunday since our church burnt down. The building we've been assigned to in the meantime is TINY!!!! Our ward fills up the entire chapel and cultural hall. But on the plus side, we have the whole building to ourselves... It's kinda nice.

Meanwhile, we've had quite a few interesting conversations today because some of my munchkins were very confused about HOW we could go to church because it was burnt down.

Favorite Quotes of the Day:

"Mom, der was no toys in the nursery because all-a da toys dot burned down."

"Mom! I can't go to the church because it falled down on fire."

"Dis new church is not mine own."

"No Mom, it didn't get burned up. The church it burned down."

"But Mom! Heavenly Father dot killed in the fire. And Jesus? He runned away."

"And I had no toys. And they had to blow the bubbles."
(we used to have a bubble machine.)

Like I said, it was a very interesting day.