November 24, 2007


Well, since this is my 100th post, you get the honor of knowing 100 things about me. Prepare to be amazed. . .

1. I'm a native Arizona girl

2. I like it HOT

3. this includes the weather and food

4. I like to pretend I'm Mexican

5. Even though I'm extremely pasty

6. I'm super ticklish

7. true story- I have a laugh "button" - you push it, I will giggle. Without fail

8. I'm addicted to haircolor

9. I've had pretty much every haircolor known to man

10. this includes but is not limited to red, green, blue, hot-pink, orange, and purple

11. I like spaghetti

12. I love Dr. Pepper

13. I don't like chocolate

14. Unless it's a homemade chocolate cake with a tall glass of milk

15. The last trimester of my pregnancies, my diet was limited to Lucky Charms and milk

16. It's the only thing I didn't throw up. . . usually

17. if it's raining, I'm outside playing

18. I used to swim competively

19. I swim fast

20. Until I hurt my back

21. Senior year + Wacky Swim Meet = physical therapy for a year

22. which = my right shoulder being higher than my left

23. which you will now notice should you ever see me

24. I'm clumsy

25. I've broken lots of bones

26. And been stitched up on many occassion

27. my kids have inherited the klutz gene

28. blood does not make me queasy

29. childbirth does (downright skeeves me out)

30. I was born on this day (the 30th I mean)

31. pretty much everything reminds me of a song

32. which I will then sing to whoever because I like music

33. I play the piano.

34. and the bass clarinet

35. I secretly wish someone would ask me to sing in church

36. and am horribly embarrassed by that

37. but I'd secretly love it favorite color doesn't exist

39. mostly because I don't have one

40. I don't have a favorite anything

41. I DO have lots of "top tens"

42. My street is named after a serial killer

43. Which I didn't realize until after I moved in

44. Lots of windows in a house makes me scared

45. Because I feel like people are watching

46. I don't like the dark

47. Alright. It scares me.

48. I love word association games

49. Heck, I love games in general

50. Tag being in of the "top ten"

51. My first kiss with my husband was at a swimming pool

52. At midnight.

53. It's a geat story I'll share later

54. I think I may be cheating with my 100 list right now

55. I don't care

56. Here's 56

57. I'm really trying to think of something else that may be interesting

58. I have blue eyes. Okay gray. blue-gray.

59. I love make-up

60. I have mine tattooed on my face

61. Okay, my eyeliner and brows are tattooed (for those of you who NEED TO KNOW)

62. I dye my eyelashes

63. Yes, really.

64. I put Troy's wedding band on the wrong hand when we got married

65. Everybody corrected me

66. I think Troy should've given me the correct hand

67. I love to get new CD's

68. I budget accordingly

69. I liked school

70. One day, I'm going to go back

71. But only for fun classes like jewelry

72. alright I lied, I really want to take an English course.

73. Because I like to write

74. And I would LOVE to be assigned a topic

75. And I love to edit. With a big fat red pen

76. Coincidently, I'm a nerd

77. But a very cute one

78. I think my kids are WAY funny

79. If you don't think so, go away.

80. Sometimes I'm really offensive

81. Without meaning to be

82. But I'm not big on apologizing

83. Or sharing. It's mine. If you want one, go get one!

84. So I don't make my kids share. We have duplicates

85. It makes my life MUCH easier

86. My life, LOL, is Crazy Insane

87. I'm super organized

88. I LOVE to throw things away

89. Sometimes, I throw things aways that I probably shouldn't

90. Oh well.

91. I am a big-time scrapbooker

92. I would paint every room in my house a super bright color if DadGuy let me

93. It's neutral.

94. I love to cook

95. I love to read

96. I love to laugh

97. I love to email

98. I love to blog

99. I LOVE comments

100. So do it. (Yeah, I'm bossy too!)