October 26, 2007

A little more Me...

Just because you can never get enough of me...Plus I believe I was tagged many moons ago...Sorry!

What were you doing 10 years ago: High school. I was trying to navigate my way through various cliques and clubs, and failing to fit in, time and time again. . .It was kinda pathetic really. Good thing I didn't much care.

What were you doing 5 years ago: I was a newlywed, working two full time jobs to put my husband through school. I owned a Salon with a friend, where I worked nights and weekends. And from 8-5, I worked for East Valley Pediatrics. . .

What were you doing 1 year ago: One year ago, in October, I was busy making Halloween costumes, that ended up not fitting well enough for my own liking, so I made a whole other set. (We were clowns) Oh, and I was pregnant. Blech.

Five Snacks you Enjoy: chips and salsa (does that count as 2?) and Dr. Pepper. Dr Pepper. Dr. Pepper. (really, I don't particularly like anything. I LOVE Dr. Pepper though. So, even if it's not a snack, I don't care. Because to me, it is.) Oh, but I should clarify. I only like Fountain Dr. Pepper. Not from a can, or a bottle. Fountain drinks only. Ooh, unless there is Mr. Pibb Extra, from a fountain. That's even better than a fountain Dr. Pepper. Wow I'm high maintenance.

Five Songs you know the words too: Well, there's way more than five. I could probably tell you five in each genre. But I'll just list the first ones that pop into my head. . . (1) International Super Spy from The Backyardigans. . .don't ask. . .(2) Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! Theme Song (3) Popcorn Popping from the Children's Hymnbook (4)Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond (5)Let me Fall by Josh Groban.

Five Things you'd do with a million dollars: Pay off my house. Pay off my student loans. Pay off my parents and siblings homes. Invest whatever's left.

Five bad habits: (1) Ooh, nail biting. I have to wear acrylic nails, because that way, I won't nibble. But if the acrylics are off, it's a free for all. (2) Dr. Pepper (3) not exercising
enough (4)Lying. My first instinct is always to lie. . .late for an appt? there was traffic. event coming up? My kids are sick. . .you get the idea. (5) I'm pretty much sarcastic all the time. . .lots of people don't seem to appreciate it.

Five Things you'd like to do: (1)lose all my baby weight (2) be debt-free (3) go to Russia (4) Explore some jungle habitat. not one inparticular, as long as it's very green with waterfalls, and giant butterflys, and upclose animal encounters. (5) ???? you pick something.

Five things you'll never wear again: (1) Kool-lots. Or Coullots. Anyways, those long knit shorts, actually, I think they're now being marketed as gaucho pants. ick. (2) lime green shorts (don't ask) (3) combat boots (again, don't ask) (4) black lipstick (don't ask) (5) more than two earrings.

Five Favorite Toys: (1) Computer (2) foxtail (3) jump rope (4) bikes (5) a ball. the red bouncy ones that are used for dodgeball, and kickball, and stuff. I LOVE those ones.

Five Favorite Games: (1) wall-ball (2) tag, and any variation therein (3) rummikube (4) gin (5)Die (Okay, it sounds morbid, but my kids like to play die...What?)

In 10 years, where will you be: Probably at a PTA meeting, or getting ready to go to Disneyland, or the beach, or on some other fun vacation that you can take bigger kids to. Closer to having my house paid off (Yeah, unless something miraculous happens, I don't see us moving.) And thin. In ten years or less, I'm gonna be really thin, and really blonde. My, my, my, what aspirations I have.

Okay, your turn. I tag everyone that reads this. Muah-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!!!