October 26, 2007

I'm so Excited!!!!

Okay, so I'm a total nerd, and I'm 100% fine with that. Here's why I qualify today. I'm sooooooo excited for this weekend! It's officially Halloween party time. And I've got my kids all pumped up, ready for action. We're practicing saying trick-or-treat, ARGHHH!!, Yo-ho, Vroom, Roar, and all other possible phrases pertaining to our costumes. (BTW, what on earth does a princess say? Pretty much right now, Blayne's just saying. "I'm a beautiful princess." That's good enough, right? No particular catch-phrase, right? Just a hoity-toity air?) Anyhoo.

I was just at Wal-Mart. (Because the one by my house !just opened! and let me tell you how in LOVE with the location I am. . . It took me 3 minutes to get there. THREE!!!! And from the time I left my house til the time I pulled back into my garage, it was 30 minutes. Oh yeah, that's right, a measley 30 minutes, WITH kids. How amazing is that? The old Wal-Mart took me 20 minutes to drive to, then by the time we got there, we were so antsy and riled up that the acual shopping took a long time because we would have melt-down after melt-down. No More!!!!!!!!! It was beautiful. . . Thank you Wal-Mart, for choosing a plot by me!)

Anyhow, so, at the new, beautiful Wal-Mart, we got our pumpkins and a few more fun Halloween type things. (Because as we all know, everything gets cheaper and cheaper as it closer to Halloween. ) I almost threw up when I saw their Christmas display though. . . seriously, could you guys just wait until at least the middle of November to put that stuff up? Drives me bonkers.

But like I said, we got a few more Halloween things, so, depending on people's moods, our costumes are highly likely to change with each event. (Oh yes, fabulous Tad told me this morning that he's gonna be a Superhero and NOT a car. Yes, the car that I made that is so stinkin cute, it's a sin...he doesn't want to wear that at this point.) Anyhow, right now he's being a "picture guy" aka photographer. . .and he's also debating being a cowboy, or an International Super Spy, or something else. Good thing Blayne is obsessed with all things beautiful, girly, and sparkly. I know her costume is gonna be a hit. I'm definitely safe with the babies because they can't talk yet. heh-heh-heh. . .

Oh, and me and the DadGuy are going to be pirates. Well, I'm going to be a pirate. I got him a hat and and eye patch, but he doesn't always let me dress him however I want. . . it's SO exasperating. My life runs so much more smoothly when everyone just does exactly as I say.

Oh crap, I forgot film. . .