October 7, 2007

Happy Birthday Babe!

This is the love of my life. He's an amazing father, an even more amazing husband, and my best friend. We've been married for 5+ years and he has managed to take care of me and our four beautiful children, finish school, and remodel our home. His favorite color is blue. He likes to have fun. He thrives on creating awkward situations. He likes to people watch. Avid Coke drinker. He hates to camp, much prefering a real bed. His standard order at Del Taco is a whole lot of chicken soft tacos. He's a regular at the Home Depot. He served his mission in Russia. He is an accountant. He likes his cheesecake set, not baked. He graduated from Chandler High School. He has no middle name. He always calls me honey. He has twinkly eyes. He has the same friends he had in elementary school. He is the best man I know. I love you.