October 8, 2007

Adventures in One-Year Olds

ey-yi-yi. You know how you have those days every now and then? Well, they seem to really coincide with birthdays around here. First off, it's DadGuy's actual birthday today, so I was trying to get the house cleaned up and all that jazz.

First, I couldn't find my stash of balloons. (Yes, I go all out and decorate for birthdays. . .I could pretend that I do it for the kids, but in reality, I'm a big dork and think it's fun!) Anyhow, can't find balloons, can't find my happy birthday sign, can't even find candles. So I improvise.

The kids are coloring papers and I'm cutting them out in balloon shapes, and we're sticking them to the walls... it's going great. So, then I say to myself, "Self, you really need to stick those pans in the dishwasher. . ." And that's where I went wrong. Because while I said that, Danny said, "Self, I bet I can summit Mt. Piano and get that handy dandy prize off the wall."

Oh yeah, that's right. C-R-A-S-H!!!!! Daniel fell; not from the bench. . . not from the keys. . . oh no, he fell from the very top of the piano. . .and he pulled a WROUGHT IRON piece of art off the wall on top of his rather small self. And this iron thing weighs like, a lot.

So, we fall a good 5 feet onto, you guessed it, my infamous living room tiled edge (the very one that my other children have had stitches/staples because of. . .) He faceplants onto the edge, and then has that heavy wrought iron thing fall on top of his head.

Then, not only does he fall, he loses conciousness. Eyes rolling back in the head, whole body limp, very scary stuff. So, he wakes up after the longest 30 seconds of my life, and I put him in the car and head to the hospital. (Which, gotta tell you. They closed Banner Mesa (Mesa Lutheran), which was 2 seconds from my house, on Sept. 18 and their ER would have come in really handy today!)

Okay, so we go to Banner Desert (Desert Sam) and they take us right back. Mack got a CT scan, (which was very fun for me. I love pinning my child down so a big scary machine can take pictures of his head. Hello Nurse!!!) Anyhow. They thought he had a skull fracture, and possibly a concussion. So, do the scan, go back and wait in the itty bitty room some more.

And guess what? Nothing is wrong. Nothing! Which I'm very thankful for. It was a very scary afternoon. I seriously thought something was wrong with him. . . And I'm so grateful he's alright.

HOWEVER. I now have spent all afternoon at the hospital. . .and I had the fun ER copay. I think there ought to be a policy called "I know you were worried, but nothing's wrong, and that makes my day. It's why I became a doctor in the first place. No copay for you!" Seriously.

But he's alright. Phew. I'll post some pictures of his sad head later.