September 20, 2007

My First Post!!!

Well, I'm excited to have a blog. (I feel so very cool!) But seriously, I'm super excited about talking to old friends and making new ones. . . Sometimes I go a little crazy being around my short people all day.

And those short people had a rough day. Summer has just been really long this year. I'm glad it's cooling down and I can start sending the kids outside again. For awhile there, Blayne didn't even want to go on errands because "the tar is too hot" and "I don't wanna bees in da sun" So, that's at least looking better.

And my BIG NEWS is that I got a new oven last night. It's so very exciting. A week ago the heating element in our old one started sparking (from the other side of the house, I hear giggling and shouts of "fireworks Mommy!") and then it caught on fire. So, this week meals have been very interesting because, we were desperately avoiding any and all use of the oven/stove. Anyway, I have a new one!!!!!!! And it's super nice. Anyways.

Back to our rough day. I thought I had all our Halloween costumes figured out because last year I made a beautiful Belle dress for Blayne and we found an awesome Beast costume for Thaddeus and both were just too big. So, this year, we were going to wear them, but they're still too big. Anyway, we went shopping for costumes and 3 of 4 kids just started crying. I guess I got the timing way off today. So, as we're leaving and literally every person in the store is STARING at us, we then entered a state of complete and total meltdown.

Oh yeah, we're talking falling on the floor, writhing and twisting and crying and, well, I'm sure you can all imagine. It was great. So we came home and had naps and some of us are still sleeping 4 hours later.

Hence, no Halloween costumes yet.