September 21, 2007

Costume Time

Well, I am a bit tired today. I managed to stay up really late working on costumes because I had an idea hit me in the middle of the night. Sheesh. And I had to act otherwise I wouldn't remember the plan in the morning. So, I'm tired, but Tad is going to be one heck of a cute car.

We had a family meeting last night to discuss our new Halloween costumes and everything was going really well. Blayne wants to be a purple princess, Taylor's gonna be a clown, Danny's a dragon. And then there was Tad. He didn't want to be anything that was suggested. He wants to be a car. With a 3 on it because he is 3. Ey-yi-yi. So inspiration hit and I followed. Man, am I ever looking forward to naptime today!