September 3, 2010

Back to School Shopping: FAIL

Yesterday was spent running around town, getting the items on our school supply lists.

I naively assumed I could pop into my neighborhood Target, spend a few minutes in the back to school area, and then be back home within the hour.

Instead I found a store that was sold out of all the standard supplies.

There were no glue sticks.

No crayons.

No six sided pencils.

No large pink erasers.

No composition notebooks.

There were even out of ziploc bags.

Tell me, how is that even possible?

The search continued at the next store, where we found A box of crayons.

As in one.

But they had pink erasers too, so that was exciting.

The next store had glue and pencils,

But had never heard of a 1st Grade Composition book.

Our quick little errand quickly turned into a nightmare,

A few hours,

And a drive thru lunch later,

We finally found the last item on our list.

The illustrious composition book.

And when I walked into the store,

There was an aisle of brown bags.

Separated by school name.

And grade.

Because this store,


Which is to say,

That there was a bag,

That had everything on my list.


And I was insanely jealous of the mom,

That moseyed into the store,

Went right to her school’s section,

And grabbed a 1st grade bag.

And a 4th grade bag.


So I decided that next year,

I’m going there first.


  1. One of the Walmarts here in Orlando did that. They didn't have preschool in their aisle (for semi-obvious reasons) but I am totally going there next year for Kindergarten.

  2. Oh yes, school shopping is the bane of my existence! I have started just going early and getting what I want and if I get what they need, great! And if I don't, whatev....they will eventually get it. LOL

  3. Ughhh sounds like a nightmare. I do not look forward to this when my girls are of school age.

  4. My Target sold out of most back-to-school stuff, too. I barely managed to scrape together most of what my kids needed. I couldn't even find pencils, and bought one of three remaining packs of mechanical pencils.

    I would LOVE to find a store that does what you described.

    Next year I think I'll do what Heather said and buy early even if I get all the wrong stuff. Wrong stuff is probably better than no stuff.

  5. That is BRILLIANT! someone needs a prize!

  6. There is a money making idea in all of this . . .

  7. Seriously. HOW DO YOU RUN OUT OF CRAYONS? Call me crazy, but I just don't understand!

  8. Love the new blog look. I love reading your blog because you say what everyone else is thinking but is too scared to say! I like to think I am a bit like that as well. :)

  9. Our school actually put together supply kits and sold them as a fundraiser.
    I still went to Wal-Mart instead.

  10. That's brilliant!

  11. my school just gives kids everything, gotta love a private school!

  12. Haha, our school lists are all insanely different but what a genius idea that is!

  13. "Walk into Target and get everything on the list"...Oh ho! Good one!!!

  14. That store is the smartest store in the world. I live in such a small town that I have two choices, and I still haven't managed to acquire crayons. Oh well. My kids can take their old ones. :)

  15. You mean someone in the public service sector was actually thoughtful? That is SO unusual!

  16. I saw those bags at the school supply store and wondered if they were charging double for everything inside. Probably worth it.

  17. They WEREN'T double! It would have been cheaper for me to just get those bags there, then for me to get everything myself! ARGH!

  18. Oh, plus Heather, I just noticed your new avatar. Rawr baby.

  19. Hi Caroline,
    Nice to meet you! I'm Shelley and I'm going to be going to Bloggy Boot Camp in Philly next week, I thought i would "try" and get through and meet everyone on their sites before I get there... We will see how that goes LOL... Look forward to it, have a great Labor Day!
    ps back to school shopping... uhhh always a nightmare next to christmas! lol
    see you soon!

  20. ~annie10:14 AM

    Wow! That sounds like some very smart store manager there! We never had that here, or else I never saw it. Instead, after an experience like yours, I got into the habit of picking up various school supplies I knew would show up those lists wherever and whenever I saw them. Which is how I eventually ended up with six bottles of glue, three packs of glue sticks and five packs of wide ruled notebook paper. None of which my daughter took off to college this year, of course!

  21. What is the name of that store? I would have gone there AND PAID DOUBLE to escape going to four different stores.