September 1, 2010

maybe tomorrow

You know what’s hard to get back into the swing of? Regular posting. Remember last year when I posted every day without fail? And then remember how I got super busy with my conference, and then I went on a two month vacay with my kids, and basically got out of the habit? Yeah. So I’m working on it.

Also am working on getting in to some sort of shape, and you, dear friends, are going to help me stay accountable. (Help as in: read my blog, and not as in: tell me to take more vitamins) And by accountable, I mean occasionally, I’m going to talk about health and exercise and stuff and I promise to be honest and tell you whether or not I drank a Dr. Pepper that day and will accurately record the size of said drink.

Of course, that’s not going to start TODAY.

P.S. FINE. I just looked and I guess I didn’t post everyday last year September. Whatever. I WAS MOVING LAST AUGUST. You people are so touchy.