August 20, 2010


Today we moved yet ANOTHER bookcase. And by “we” I mean “I” and by “moved” I mean “drug up the stairs while wearing an ankle length sundress that I kept tripping over until I put the bottom hem in my mouth”

Then we put away all the painting stuff and most of the power tools. Mostly because I kept tripping over them, and as we all know, my ankles like to break, so we figured this was the smartest maneuver to keep my brittle bones intact.  (Okay, TECHNICALLY no bones were broken. WAY TO RUIN THE STORY JERKOFF.)

But friends, the end is in sight! Tomorrow, there is minimal heavy lifting, and maximum re-decorating! With the same stuff I already have in my house! Because I’m GREEN and I RECYCLE! (Because that is what I have decided to call myself these days. “Oh, we’re not broke. We’re ECO-FRIENDLY!” See how much better that sounds?)

Seriously though. Tomorrow night? We will have COMPLETED boy and girl rooms. Go us.


  1. I hope your ankles aren't hurting in the morning. Are you posting before and after pictures? I love seeing room makeovers. They give me ideas for things I might do. :-)

  2. Prop up your feet, and have a Dr. Pepper on Me:-)

  3. Relax, take a breath, and remember that tomorrow always comes sooner than we would like! Oh yeah, the Dr. Pepper sounds pretty good too! Way to go!