May 14, 2010

I'm an Idiot, see also: clumsy

I was all set to tell you about my day.

All about how no one ever tells you how exhausting it is to be an effective parent.

But instead I'm going to remind you of that one time last August when I christened my new home by falling off the deck steps and spraining my ankle.

And instead I'm going to point out the bitter irony that once again, on a Friday afternoon, I find myself on the ground, this time actually in FRONT of the neighbors, and have sprained, not one, but BOTH of my ankles.

And now, the cute new heels that I purchased specifically for a certain event that happens in exactly 2 weeks, are probably going to go back to the store, because really, WHAT IS THE POINT.

Also, I refuse to go to church this Sunday of the grounds of I SPRAINED BOTH OF MY ANKLES AT THE SAME TIME.

And in case you happened to miss the point of this whole post, it is this: I SPRAINED BOTH OF MY ANKLES OH MY GOSH HOW STUPID CAN I BE.

I don't know what hurts more, my fragile ego, or my throbbing ankles.

P.S. excessive use of the words sprained, and ankle.... check


  1. no good!!! from one fellow clutz to another - milk it for all its worth - you should not only get Sunday off of church, but maybe another breakfast in bed... you need a service bell :)

  2. Overachiever.

    Just kidding...I am so, so, sorry.

  3. I hear the clumsiness. About two weeks ago, I slipped and fell down some stairs near our driveway and ended up breaking my ankle in three places. And then having a plate and screws put in. So I hear the clumsiness!

  4. I could tell you that I know how you feel, because I would be one to do that... But I have never sprained both of them at the same time. I can not imagine the pain. Ouch! I have fallen of the front stairs before, and I have sprained them at least 5 times each. And I hate going to church like that too.

  5. Mombabe, you rock. No, seriously. Even with busted up ankles and eyelids. And yes, it may seem like I'm workin' you for the "favorite child" position~but that's not who I am. Not how I roll. Well, it kind of is, but not this time. Just telling you that you rock. Can't wait to meet you at YOUR conference. How does that sound? Like music or nails on a chalkboard?

  6. some people will do ANYTHING to get out of going to church. Is your calling that bad? You know you don't have to sprain anything, you just need to come down with vague symptoms that we call in our family..."the Sunday sickness" lol Hope you mend quickly.

  7. you shouldn't have sprained your ankles. you have things to do, people to see.

    why did you do that?

    i am feeling really badly for you, actually. it's time to stop beating yourself up.

    stop it.

    also, i am pretending from here on out that i forgot all about the conference. it pains me to think of it.

    what conference??


  8. Ouchie!!!!

    I don't think I could handle that kind of hurt. I hope you heal fast.