June 23, 2010

Extra for speedy

Phase two of summer vacation is under way. 

This morning, DadGuy dropped us off at my parent's house before delivering himself back to the airport to catch a flight home. 

Now I get to get my kids all settled in, and then I can get some real work done. Which will be good for me, because I kinda really NEED to work. Just for my own sanity. I mean, a girl can only hang out with no plans for so long before she goes crazy. And yes, I did read a book. Actually, I've read 4.... in the last day and a half. Which is approximately 1600 pages. Which should answer any question you ever had about me and how I manage to "read so many blogs." It's because I'm super amazing and can read faster than you AND your mom.

Meanwhile, I need to know, what are your favorite words and/or phrases to use? I'm curious. 


  1. I don't have any favorite words or phrases. Just saying.

  2. Favorite words or phrases?

    My Grams used to ask "You want I should kick 'em in the teeth?" and I love to say that.

    I also say the following frequently:
    I quit ... today, Tuesday, this job, my Blackberry, whatever, I quit.
    om nom nom nom (I say this aloud)
    In response to "what's up?" I look at the ceiling. (Duh!)

    I also am a frequent "I gotta pee!" sayer.

  3. "Holy Hell!" is a common one for me.
    Sorry it just comes out.

  4. "You're fired" to my kids, my husband, the stove. I told my youngest he was fired(for various things) and now he fires his toys, his sisters..

    I'm also a big fan of "In other news.."

  5. Um. None relevant to say on a family friendly blog.

    Bet you can't read faster than me! Na na na boo boo!

  6. I say "ridiculous" a lot when I'm talking about my kids cleaning and/or direction following skills. And I also like to call people "Mr. Pants."

  7. 16000 pages in a day and a half?
    Shoot, will you start reviewing books for me?

    Phrases huh?
    How about:

    "Well butter my butt and call me a biscuit."

    "I'm gonna be all over you, like white on rice."

    "Come over here and say that again!"

  8. Glad that you can be back to the internet world!

    I don't know what I say all the time...

    For real?
    Crap Dang-it!
    For the love.

    ...Maybe those?

  9. I say "seriously" a lot. It kind of annoys me actually.

    The family is fond of "what does it all mean"


    "what time is it, I'm hurrrting"




    "what the!"

    We're pretty over-dramatic.

  10. Holy Shit

    What'd you read? I need something new to read.

    You are the ruler of the reading universe.

    That is all. For now.

    (can you find my usual sayings in there?)

  11. do you want to borrow book 5? or did you find it somewhere?

  12. That's Insane! Serial? (Which is slang for 'seriously' in my family.) Have your people call my people- It's my favorite thing to say and I probably say it too much.

  13. REALLY? or SERIOUSLY! lots

    Also I don't know if they are my favorite but I say them LOTS...my two oldest children's names...

    also a good one about super fast drivers is 'you should've left sooner!'

  14. I like, "Bless your heart"...have you ever noticed that you can say something critical or mean if you preface it with...bless your heart? For example, "My boys, bless their hearts, can't seem to keep their pants clean." When I want to say, "My kids are filthy slobs."

    I also like, "Bless your cotton socks."

    I love, "For the Love" and I think I got that one from you, MomBabe.

    Do you prefer we call you MomBabe here...I do know your real name...I am just curious.

    I also like, "Boy Howdy". I have a friend that always says that. For example, "Do you want to go to lunch today?" and she will respond, "Boy Howdy!!"

    I also say, "Oh, for pity sake" a lot.

  15. Um, I already read book 5. Like, srsly.



    you may go about your business.

  16. book 5 of what? i like to know what people are reading...
    and I'm sure I say stuff, but I can't think of anything right now.

  17. One of my favorite sayings is:

    "No Worries"

    I say it to my kids all the time. And to myself.

  18. It's weird, but I say 'Yay' a lot. And write it in comments. But I do really say it. And I call girls or ladies 'chickees' or chickadees'. I don't know where that came from. Having three daughters I didn't want to say 'C'mom guys' so i said "C'mon chickees". Now I use chickees whenever I'm with girls or ladies.
    This made me think of my dad though. He has two variations on the same phrase:

    kid: "I want ice cream".
    Dad: "I'll ice cream you in a minute!"
    "You'll think ice cream when I get a through with you"

  19. Caroline. I personally LOVE crap-tastic. I also say "don't even think about it" and Curtis gives me his innocent face. Evil little genius. I have also found myself saying ARE YOU SERIOUS? a lot. Oh... and if Curtis has an off day since we decided NOT to say retarded we now say "special". For example.... Curtis is eating a shoe- Oh Curtis are you having a special day? And I say let's NOT die today when he tries to committ suicide by smothering himself with a plastic baggy. It's his new favorite toy