April 12, 2010

Performance Monday

Monday could quite possibly be my favorite day of the week.

For starters, it means everyone goes back to school and work.

And let's face it, as much as I love my family, and the DadGuy, by Sunday morning I'm ready to explode.

Saturdays start out with the usual chores... cleaning out the car, some yard work, maybe a few errands. Then the kids play outside.

You should know by now, that I'm not a helicopter type of parent. I send my kids outside, BY THEMSELVES, almost every day. I keep my windows open, and I can hear them, and that's good enough for me. We've gone over the very few rules I have, which are to stay on our street, and don't go in to anyone's house without asking me first. My kids know these rules, they abide by them, they are happy to go about their business.

But DadGuy, ooh boy. HE thinks that if the kids are outside, that one of US has to be outside.

Every Saturday afternoon, DadGuy stalks back into the house and says, "It's YOUR turn now." Then I refuse to go outside just to make a point.

(Point: THEY'RE FINE.)

Now, for those of you questioning my motives, you have to understand that

     A) I live on a cul-de-sac
     B) a FENCED IN cul-de-sac and
     C) my neighborhood is tight.

We all know each other. We watch each other's kids. We take their garbage can out to the street if we saw that they forgot... It's an idyllic area to raise children.

DadGuy, however, is a worse-case-scenario kind of a person. (true story) I could give you example after example of this, but I'm not going to. It's just the way he functions. Whereas he thinks I'm wildly optimistic, and a dreamer.

Monday through Friday, this a winning combination.

Saturday and Sunday... not so much.

At any rate. I love Monday.

Love love love love LOVE it. 


  1. Yup for all those reasons I love Mondays too. oh and my hubby is the same way. lol I fight him every Saturday too. lol

  2. Monday is my least favorite day of the week because I hate it when the weekends end.

    That said, my children are older than yours, so free time for us is a bit different.

    However, if I lived on your street and my children were the same ages as yours, I'd let them run a bit free too. They need to learn independence and this is a safe way for that to happen.

  3. My kids play outside by themselves every day.

    And I'm totally fine with it.

  4. What?!? I can't believe you let your kids play outside BY THEMSELVES! Kidding, because, well, I DO TOO!! I'm all about kids using their imaginations and playing BY THEMSELVES!

  5. Tell him the kids are about 1,000 times more likely to die in a car accident than to be kidnapped, and yet he STILL LETS THEM GET IN A CAR. THE INSANITY. The risk. He must not love them AT ALL. ;)

    (I'm with you, obviously.)

  6. Monday's really are blissfully perfect. I don't understand those that hate Monday's.

    For me, Monday's mean A HOUSE TO MYSELF. Except for Moxie. And, she's like perfect.

    I'm not a helicopter parent either. Jefe is. Wow. The irony that we married similar men.

  7. I love it when everybody clears out on Monday so I can take care of the wreckage that the weekend brought.

    I want to live on your cul-de-sac.

  8. I'm a really paranoid helicopter. Granted, two of my four children love running down busy streets at full tilt whenever the opportunity arises, so yeah.....I'm a slightly justified albeit really paranoid helicopter.

  9. A. My kids play in the backyard by themselves (we live the ghetto).

    B. I want to live in your neighborhood!

    C. DadGuy needs some anxiety meds.

    D. I've been trying to convince my husband to get on meds for 8 years now!

    E. I miss you!

  10. F. We live IN the ghetto, not "we live ghetto". Although somedays we do...

  11. my neighbour and I were just talking about this. We let our 3 and 5 year olds play out front when we're inside with the curtain open. We check on them periodically.

    Just this morning I heard the 5 yr olds say "there's no seal herd here, just a herd of fish. lets go check over in the Jurassic area". They were playing in the hedge that separates our houses -- they were using their imaginations!

    AND not once did someone whine "mommy, i'm bored"