April 14, 2010

Wednesdays at the Bingham's

Today I registered Blayne for kindergarten.

I'm not exactly sure what all goes on, but they have little "interviews" with the kids to see what they know.

Apparently, my daughter is a genius.

(Also, I'm a very unaware mother because I had no idea. Like, seriously. NONE WHATSOEVER....)

(I also may have fallen in love with CAPS LOCK. but that's a totally appropriate story for another day... BACK TO YELLING AT YOU.)


She can count to 100.

She knows all of her upper and lowercase letters. (And she knew that they were called upper and lower case...)


I KNOW I didn't teach her that.

(Because I'm a terrible person/parent and I can barely remember my own phone number and address. Pffht. WHY IS THERE SO MUCH PRESSURE ON THE CHILDREN?)

At any rate, she's brilliant. I'm exhausted. Both of those things are completely unrelated and we're just going to agree to ignore that fact, m'kay?

P.S. Did you hear? Cameron Rafati is performing live at the CBC'10 Social. {swoon}