April 17, 2010

By the Numbers

6 dozen tamales

4 lbs of meatballs

8 loads of laundry

3 bathrooms scrubbed

4 loads of dishes

1 shoe lost

4 pairs of socks hunted

eleventy billion tantrums, and

0 naps.

BONUS ROUND: 5 haircuts and colors in the last 2 days.


an accomplished, successful Saturday. Now if you'll excuse me while I go to bed.....


  1. Wow! You can play the numbers game anytime at my house too!
    Since you are so good at it. :))

    Hope you get a good night sleep tonight!

  2. Wow! I got tired just reading that! You are Super Mom!

  3. DANG. Are you Super Woman? Because you'd have to be to make it through that list without the aid of a crew of interns (or half a case of Dr Pepper).

  4. hi. where r u today? are you fancy and important today? is it your child that i have in my house today? is she babysitting herself? pretty much.

    did she poop in her diaper for me? yes.

    if you don't bring me a large diet coke in your way here, i will be totally pissed. except i quite drinking that stuff. but, i'll still be pissed.


    ps. T-dog just asked for a 'nack. the nerve of some kids.

  5. She pooped again. I think you should come home now.