April 20, 2010

Tuesday Wrap Up

  • I love bullet points.
  • Therefore, this post will be entirely comprised of them. 
  • I got to go downtown (by myself!) and meet some fabulous bloggers, as we learned about an amazing new literacy campaign for children called WeGiveBooks.
  • I would tell you all about it, but first I have to formulate coherent thoughts. 
  • I'm never coherent after riding the Metro
  • Because I get wicked motion sickness
  • And now I pretty much want to die. 
  • And my hands are all shaky and crap, which is not ideal for writing. 
  • I hate that I said crap, but what's the alternative? STUFF? 
  • Great, now I have to go get my thesaurus. 
  • Junk. Paraphernalia. Goods. Things.
  • Crap is totally the best summation.
  • I totally met Amy Tan today. 
  • Yes, mom, the REAL Amy Tan. 
  • And I totally just said totally four times in a row. 
  • Blame the Metro.
  • I'm going to go throw up now. 
  • Yay.