April 16, 2010

The Art of Manipulation

I keep losing my days.

And when I say losing, what I really mean is:

When did I get so danged busy?

I feel like I work and work and work, and then before I know it,

Another week has passed.

The kicker is, it's not even MY stuff I'm doing.

I have ONE KID in school this year, and every day,

He's supposed to be somewhere,

Doing something.

And has your school mastered the art of manipulation?

Mine sure has.

It starts innocently enough.

Reminders about a "Book Fair Next Week!" come home.

Then he brings me a list of the books he has pre-selected.

Then he brings my a price sheet of the books he has pre-selected.

Then he brings home an envelope for the money that coordinates with the price sheet of the books he has pre-selected.

Add in to that what I'm sure are school-wide announcements about the book fair,

And I get a kid who is convinced that if he doesn't get his pre-selected copy of the American Presidents for $34.99 that his whole kindergarten experience is ruined and I must not love him.

I am telling you truthfully that I have had the following conversation at least four times this week: 

"No. You can't get a book.... We can go to the library and borrow those books.... No.... Because we have to buy groceries.... Because you have to eat.... I know you already ate today, BUT WHAT ABOUT TOMORROW?... No... I SAID NO..... Please stop talking to me."

Curse you book fair and your subtle manipulations.


  1. I KNOW!!! It happens here, too. And they have also started sending stickers home on the kids' shirts to remind us about book fairs, or to invite us to these things called, "Spirit Nights" where you eat at a local fast food restaurant, or pizza joint and a percentage of the money goes to your school. They brainwash all of the kids to beg you to go out to eat and that ALL of their friends are going and they will be the ONLY ones that aren't going and their life will be ruined if they don't go...and they will die a slow, cold horrible death if you deprive them

  2. I understand! Seems before I know it the week is over and I'm still trying to catch up. And I don't have small children at home. What's with that? :)

  3. I have so been there! the thing that drives me the most nuts though is school fundraisers!

  4. GAH! You are stronger than I. Tomorrow we are going to a mega book fair. I am weak. Also, they something called read a book with a star wars character and while my kids are hoping for Amidala or a stormtrooper, the wife is hoping for Hayden Christiansen, I am hoping for bikini Leia. ;)

  5. I shall teach you all to say N-O. Because it really and truly is an art form. An art form I have mastered.

  6. ah the book faire in all it's glory - i liked it better when I could go into the library and buy a few books for a few dollars and that was the book faire - when did it become a scholastic sheet filled with books that are over priced?

    I too always got the "you don't love me if you don't buy me a book" and I always said "No" and soon it would pass until the next book faire flyer would come and then it would start all over again...*sigh* I feel your pain

  7. I can't even begin to tell you about the drama in our home caused by the book fair at our school last fall. Part of the problem was that the kids didn't want books, they wanted the stupid toys that they sell next to the books. They too were convinced that we didn't love them.
    The school got really sneaky and scheduled a "Eat lunch with your grandchild" day on the same day as the book fair so the kids could guilt them into buying books too.

  8. Oh my goodness SO true!! And don't even get me started on school pictures....they send the pictures home and then ask for money....grrrrrr.

  9. Oh, ain't it the TRUTH!!! I'm so with you, but the fact that we are so frequently late in returning those books we've checked out from the library that we might as well buy them for the price of the fines we pay.