March 31, 2010

Spring Break: Day Three

Today the weather is gorgeous.

Obviously, this means we had to go and get sick-ish.

Thaddeus has a fever of 104.3.

Blayne comes in second at a mere 102.

Taylor rounds out third with a mild 99.9.

Daniel is healthy, but doesn't like to feel left out, so he's being as ornery as the rest.

(Heaven forbid he admit to feeling FINE)

Meanwhile, today is the ABSOLUTE LAST DAY for early bird pricing for the Casual Blogger Conference. That means you should probably buy your ticket today. You know, so you can save some bones.

And with that, I'm back to administering cool washcloths and popsicles to the sick and afflicted.


  1. so sorry that your kids are sick mine got is on spring break too but I figured at least they wouldn't miss school the next week right? lol

  2. I'm sorry. That stinks. Please, please, please don't send that my way. Our spring break is next week.

  3. Whoa...104.3...that sweet boy is burning up! I'm sorry that three of your four are sick...that's lousy.

    I will now call you MomBabe Nightengale.

  4. Sorry to hear you've got sick kids. That's the pits.

    Here's to quick recoveries!


  5. Here's to copays and insurance premiums! Wheee!

  6. Sorry about the sickies. My kids both got sick on spring break too. A high fever and pink eye. UGH! I spent most of my spring break at the doctors office.

    The good news is the high fever went away after three days.