March 22, 2010

The Bike Situation

It was time to resurrect the outside toys.

We got out the balls,

football, basketball, soccerball.

We got out the wagon.

Little and red.

Then we got down the bikes.

It was obvious that some of us needed an upgrade.

So DadGuy headed over to the bike shop,

And purchased two new bikes.

Blayne and Thaddeus got grown up bikes....

While Daniel inherited the Red Rocket.

(It's super fast.)

And Taylor?

Dear sweet Taylor...

Is a pipsqueak who is perfectly happy to LOOK at her trike while holding her "Baby Chum Chum".


  1. I kinda wish we had a time of year as exciting as when you get to resurrect the outside toys. We can play with outside toys year-round. Nothing new or very exciting comes out in spring...

  2. It is time to get those bikes out, isn't it?

  3. It's TOTALLY bike season.

    Well, last week was. Today it's all rainy and non-bikey.

  4. I wish spring would make up it's mind and stay! I'm so ready for bikes and walks, and my kids are too!

    Thanks for your comment on my blog the other day! And yep, I cook breakfast for my kids on most days. But every now and then, I need a break so they get cereal, and I will not feel guilty about it! ;)

  5. I just ran over my kids bike that was parked behind my van.

    Sucks for them.

    {mother of the year?}

  6. Love breaking out the bikes. As long as I don't have to ride on. It's hard on the bum!

  7. They all look so happy, it makes my heart happy...

    Oh, man...I haven't heard the word pipsqueak in really is a charming little word...

  8. I wish I had a bike too. There's something so nostalgic about family bike rides...

  9. So sweet. My girls ride their bikes year round here... we don't get much snow, just rain.

    I've got a photo up of Julia on her balance bike for Wordless Wednesday.