February 27, 2010


That's got to be a world record or something...

Oh, wait. YOU post everyday?

Like, all the TIME everyday?

That's amazing.


Today I was making a casserole. This may not seem like that big of a deal to you, but just like Azucar, I don't know how to make them either.

This whole last year I have been refining my casserole skills, which is ironic considering all the casserole recipes that have ever been shared with me follow this rule of thumb:

  • First you use a little of this. 
  • And then a little of that.
  • Then you mix it up and bake it.
Unsurprisingly, my first attempts ended up in the garbage disposal.

AT ANY RATE. Me. Making a casserole = Big news.

And while I was making this casserole, one of the neighborhood kids was over.

She's 8. This is important because I feel like an 8 year old has enough discernment to know the difference between, say, ramen noodle and actual food.

So I'm chopping up some celery and onions, and boiling some chicken.

When she asks, "Whatcha making?"

To which I replied, "A Casserole."

And then SHE said, "What's that?"

To which I thought, "See? Her mom probably makes REAL FOOD like me." but to which I actually replied,

"It's like chicken and noodles and vegetables all mixed up with a special sauce..."

And then she goes, "Wow.... You must be a GREAT cooker."

I said thank you.

My point is this: I didn't grow up eating casseroles.

Wait, my REAL point is this: I made a casserole.

P.S. It tasted great. 

P.P.S. I hate the word tasted. My brain feels stupid just for using "tasted" 

P.P.P.S. I know it's a real word and all, but seriously? TASTE. TED.  Don't you feel dumb now? 

P.P.P.P.S. I don't do Jello either. If someone could explain that deliciousness to me, I'd be much obliged.


  1. Jell-o is not synonymous with the word deliciousness..

    Just sayin'

    and I bet you are a good cooker.
    or was that looker.. i got confused there..

  2. Hmmm. Something to think about for sure.

    HOWEVER, all the Jello I've ever had has been delicious.

    Seriously guys, WHAT DO YOU PUT IN YOUR JELLO?

  3. I am not a jello fan either. In fact I think I have only made it like 3 times in my whole marriage.
    People in Scotland put it over ice cream.

  4. making dinner at all is a big deal in my house I hate to cook, not that I am bad at it actually I normally make pretty good meals I just hate to actually go into the kitchen and do it. But my point was Great job! I love it when something turns out great!

  5. It's just you and me...

  6. I gew up eating casseroles and live them! BUT the Manchild gags when he hears the word casserole... And the 6 year old here can't handle anything in his mouth that's "all mixed up together".

    So, IF i am stupid enough to try and serve one, it must be called by another name (ie. Delight, surprise, or divan) and I might as well keep a handful of each main ingredient out on the side for Jr. to eat. Once I "ruined" a perfectly good batch of homemade mac n cheese by baking it in the oven with grated cheese and bread crumbs on top. What was I thinking?

  7. My mother made so many casseroles when she was married to my father that, when he started dating my future stepmother, he told her emphatically that he does not eat casseroles. Even now, 30+ years later, he won't touch anything that looks like a casserole.

    So yeah, I grew up on casseroles. I really don't make that many myself, but I do have a few tried-and-true recipes. And of course, my kids hate them because all the ingredients are touching.

  8. Every time I hear the word casserole, I'm reminded of Sister Hinkley. She told a story about how one of her kid's asked her "why are you cooking the garbage mom?", when she was putting a casserole into the oven.
    LOL - I love baked garbage:-)

  9. LOL, I don't do jello. And I only have one tried and true has never failed me casserole I make. Good job!

  10. I have NEVER made jello. Ever. It looks like Flubber to me.

    Casseroles, on the other hand, make my kids think I'm am the bomb-diggity-cooker. They HATE it when I make "real food".

  11. Jello is okay but I don't really get the allure of it. Must be a Utah thing. =)

    I have one Tator Tot casserole that I just can't quit. Other than that I say "Meh" to casseroles.

  12. I think you need to share the "recipe". I, too, did not grow up with Casseroles and I've never, ever, made a good one!!!

  13. I'm not a casserole person either. And I flat-out just don't get the appeal of Jell-O. Pudding, yes. Jell-O, no.

  14. You make me laugh.

    You must be a great cooker...I gleaned this information from all the recipes you have shared...

    I didn't grow up with casseroles, either. My dad was super picky (and could be kind of mean) My mom put a casserole in front of him one night and he said, "I didn't know the dog was sick."

    Needless to say...no more casseroles were prepared.

  15. I stopped having kids because I did not need anymore casseroles brought to my house!!

  16. Oh, how I loved this post!

    In my house you would be a great "cookerer". I don't know why my family adds random ERs to words but they do.

    I rarely make casserole. Then again, I rarely cook. That makes me an inconsistent cookerer.

    The word 'texted' makes my toes curl. I don't think it's even a word, but how would YOU say text in the past tense?

  17. Why does everybody hate their food touching? YOU'RE ALL WEIRD AND HAVE WEIRD KIDS.

    The end.