March 3, 2010

Breathing is Overrated

That was really pompous of me to announce that I posted two days in a row.

Because then irony came and knocked me out with a head cold/sinus infection.

(I say SLASH sinus infection because while I haven't actually been to the doctor, my snot is green. I mean, AS IF THAT'S NOT A KEY INDICATOR.)

Of course, it could just be the whole changing of the seasons.

I hate the changing of the seasons because it means that I'm going to feel like death warmed over for approximately 6 weeks.


Every. Frickin. Time.

Because I have allergies.

And allergies seriously hinder my ability to breathe through my nose and hear for a good part of the year.

(Why yes, I am partially deaf.... KIDDING! It's ALLERGIES! *jazz hands*)

The only upside to the situation is that I'm not actually  sick.

I think.

You know, I still have that green snot thing.

But since that's gross and possibly too much personal information, I'm going to end on a happy note called:


Isn't she cute AND healthy looking? I'm totally jealous.

P.S. I have a giveaway coming up. that be-eth all.