December 1, 2009

Interview with a 5 year old

So Blayne, how does it feel to be FIVE?
  Uh, play with new toys?

No, I mean, how do you feel?

Good? That's it?
  No. I have a lot of things to tell you momma.

Like what?
  Uh, play with my new toys.... Being best friends with you.... I like Daddy and you and..... uh, that's all.

And what are your FIVE favorite things to do?
  Play with my toys, puppy, give hugs, and that's about it.

How about your FIVE favorite foods to eat?
  I like turkey and vegetables like carrots and corn and I like rice and puh-sghetti!

What do you want to tell other FIVE year olds?


And of course, no birthday would be complete without the list.


show: SpongeBob
song: Mary Had A Little Lamb
color: Purple and Pink
food: Bean Burritos
book: 10 Fat Turkeys by Tony Johnston
toy: puppy, My Little Ponies
thing to do: play with my friends


  1. Hey :) I've been seeing you on FB and thought I'd come over and check out your blog.

    Love the name Blayne :) I think spongebob is the best show too and bean burritos

  2. Blayne rocks my socks off! Happy Birthday to my favorite 5 year old Blayne!! We love and miss you lots!!

    Aunt Berit and Uncle Josh and Baby Curtis!

  3. Can she get any cuter? Happy Birthday Cutie Pie! And I'm totally jealous of the pink/purple pegasus-rainbow-sparkly stars t-shirt. Gotta get me one of those!

  4. Cute Idea! Can I borrow it for an interview with my child? I'll linky love back over to you if ya want...:D

  5. I love coming over here to see what you have written. It never fails to give me a smile : )!

  6. Happy happy happy happy happy birthday!

  7. She's a big girl now, but still as sweet as can be.

  8. I like puh-sghetti, too. (Love you included her phonetic pronunciations...because I enjoyed, "nuffing" too.)

    Happy Birthday to your beautiful Blayne!!

  9. I never realized how much Blayne and I have in common! :) Happy Birthday!

  10. Happy Birthday Blayne!!!

  11. She reminds me so much of Emma...too cute!