November 11, 2009

Mickey D's

I never thought I'd get over my love affair with rain.

It was such a novelty to me,

That I would crack open all the windows,

Close the blinds,

Make some popcorn,

And snuggle under the blankets watching old movies.

But last night,

When it started raining,

And continued raining through, um, well,


I think I decided to get over it.

The windows are shut.

No movies were watched.

After the twelfth round of fights,

I put those shortlings to work.

I said, "If you finish your chores, we'll go play at McDonald's."

So off they went,

Wiping down doorknobs,

And scrubbing the bathrooms,

And when we were done,

We headed out into the rain,

And drove to the "M" place.

When we got inside,

There were approximately 10,000 other children there.

Because on rainy days such as these,

No one wants to be stuck inside their own house,

Listening to their own children,

Kick and scream and punch and pitch fits.

So the DadGuy and I,

Sat down at a little corner table,

And unleashed the shortlings.

When they were gone,

Another mother looked over at us and said,

"Couldn't take it anymore either?"

Then we laughed.


Where desperate parents go.


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  1. Oh how I LOVE this post. Brings back awesome memories of the McDonald's play-land we used to go while living in CO. The one here in CT is NOTHING in comparison. There is not even one in the whole state to compare.

    We too would meet all the moms and eat waaaaay too much crap while there. But, oh was it worth it to get out of the house on bad weather days.

  2. Well if it would EVER rain her in the good old A to the Z it would be nice!!! But no, here we are sweating to death in November. BOO! You are hilar mrs. mombabe!

  3. Yeah... we moved here from the FOREVER RAINING NORTHWEST... and I happen to have loved todays 80 and sunny weather today. :)

  4. We don't have one of those playlands here in our town, but I have heard of such wonders.

  5. I think you just wrote McDonald's new slogan.