October 17, 2009


The school situation has been taken care of. I repeat, the school situation has been taken care of.

I so nicely talked to the following individuals.
  1. Tad's teacher
  2. the principal
  3. the bus driver
  4. the bus helper

The list does not include the various people at the transportation and the school's office. And I get major points for nicely, tactfully, and thoroughly making my point without yelling, screaming, and hanging up/spitting on anyone.

Thaddeus has a new seat on the bus, and he has a new seat mate.

I did not talk to the kid because if the situation was reversed, and somebody's mother confronted my child, I'd be mad and defensive, which is the opposite of productive. I know that the kid was called into the principals office, and that his parents were called in as well. I feel like that is sufficient, and whether this is his first or fifth offense, it's been noted.

As for Thaddeus, he has promptly forgotten all about this and has merrily gone on his way. I'm very grateful that kids are so resilient and forgetful.

In our non-punching news, I've discovered that I absolutely loathe decorating my house. Sure, it's cute for a few days, maybe a week. But now I have all these Halloween decorations up and they are driving me CRAZY. I don't want to look at them anymore. I also get this way at Christmas. By the time Christmas rolls around, I'm ready to tear down the tree.

So, yeah. I'm never going to buy any interior decor stuff ever again.

My kids are so lucky.

P.S. There's a Charlie and Lola DVD giveaway going on over here. You should enter. It's a super cute show.


  1. Good on you for being polite and tactful as you handled a very sensitive issue! I would have been hard pressed to remember my pretty words if I had been faced with the same situation.

  2. I knew you would be cool and collected. You have fire in your belly, but you're smart enough to go about things to right way. By the way, I totally agree with what you said about decorations. I actually have NO holiday decorations...not counting Christmas, but that's pretty meager. I HATE storing all that crap.

  3. You handled it perfectly. What you said about approaching the other parents would only make them mad and defensive, "which is the opposite of productive" is so, so true. You are very wise.

    ...wise and you have great hair...you are a force to be reckoned with.

  4. You're a better person than I am.
    I would have been screaming so loud, that no one could hear themselves think!!!! Bully's should not EVER be tolerated.

    PS One of my grown daughters LOVES
    Charlie and Lola...I'm going to go enter right now:-)

  5. I am proud of your tact and restraint! Good for you and I am glad it is all worked out

  6. WOW! Tact and restraint! good for you! Glad your little one has forgotten all about it! :)

  7. I'm so impressed. I tend to cry when I get angry so when/if something like this comes up at school with Natalie I hope Kyle will be ready to take care of it for me. Because I'll be a mess. You're such a good mom.

  8. I'm glad to hear that you got the situation resolved quickly and calmly. Good work.

  9. Good to hear the situation is resolved. Kudos to you for remaining so calm. I hope Thaddeus has no more trouble from this bully.

  10. Are you serious! Little Tad was hit by a big kid?! DUDE! That's stupid!!!!! Grrrrrrr!!!! I would've freaked out though! Good for you! You're much more mature than i would've handled that situation! ha!