October 15, 2009

Buses and Bullies

I AM sick. I feel like saying, "Ha! Take that!" because I just love being right about things like this except for that whole part where I feel like death is slowly creeping up on me.

In other even less exciting news, my computer decided to play dead again. Obviously, he hates me. (Yes, my computer is a he. He's also a scorpio.) In fact, I only have computer access right now because I begged DadGuy to please bring his laptop home because I haven't emailed or tweeted or blogged in 2 days and everyone will think I've died... okay, maybe not everyone, but my mom would call me. So would Heather. And if nothing else I at least have to tell them that I'm not dead, just cut off from the wonderful world of make believe that is my online life.

*I'm also not sure that anything I say at this time is coherent, but I'm also drugged enough to not really care.*

Yes, the only REAL ACTUAL thing that has happened of late is that Thaddeus was some kids punching bag on the school bus this afternoon.

Yep, you read that right.

A "big kid" punched and slapped my kindergartener today, and I kid you not, he had welts on his face when he got home.

And me, horrible mother that I am, didn't notice until we had crossed the street and the bus was driving away to its next stop.

I interoggated Tad when we got home and out of the rain, and I guess that this kid had gotten in trouble, so they made him switch seats and sat him next to Tad. He didn't like it, got mad, and took it out on my son. I asked Tad what the bus helper was doing and he said she was "just busy."

Folks, HELL is being raised.