October 8, 2009

Operation: Birthday

Dear DadGuy,

Happy Birthday!

I know it's supposed to be a "big" birthday, what with you turning 30 and all. It's just that we're kinda stuck right now. So, in lieu of a present, I'm going to let you sleep in on Saturday. And maybe on Sunday too.

I hope you enjoy it to the fullest.


your wife.


  1. Best. Present. EVER.

    You rock!

  2. Can I have that present on my birthday too??

  3. That is the only present worth anything at our hose. You must really love him to give him two days!

  4. For my husband's 30th last summer I made a big banner out of construction paper and hung it out on our garage. Then I got a babysitter and he took me to dinner. Your sleeping in idea is probably a lot more appreciated.

  5. That is a great gift.

    Isn't it weird what we will think of as a great gift now that we are parents as opposed to before we were parents?

  6. Happy Birthday, DadGuy! (sorry, I forgot to say that before.)