October 6, 2009

Growing Pains

We went to the dentist.

We got our teeth cleaned and shined.

We got to pick out a prize.

We got new toothbrushes.

And Daniel.... poor, sweet, Danny Mack.

He got an extra special bouncy ball because HE traded in two pacifiers.

And all day long, he kept that extra special bouncy ball in his pocket.

And next to his plate at dinner.

And it even joined him in the shower that night.

But when it was time for bed, hoo-boy.


"Pacifier is all gone. You gave it to the dentist, remember?"

And the tears came.

And the sobbing.

And the heaving.

And he cried for HOURS.

Until finally, we gave him some melatonin, to help him get to sleep.

But when he woke up for a midnight trip to the toilet,

He remembered that he was without a pacifier once again.

And the crying.

And the sobbing.

And the heaving.

And the wailing.

Started all over again.

And at about three in the morning,

We got him back to sleep again.

And my poor, sweet Danny Mack had to miss preschool this morning.

He was "sick" with a "boken head"

Which is to say,

He cried so much that his head is killing him.

And he asked for a pacifier.

Because he's "tired"

Sadly, they're still gone.

Because he gave them to the dentist...

Here's hoping tonight goes better.