October 12, 2009

I think I'm sick. Maybe. Probably not, but, you know...

I have an itchy-burny chest, makes your head hurt, can't see straight cough sort of a thing.

It's annoying.

It's so annoying, that I couldn't even sleep last night because I kept waking myself up.

I even woke up the DadGuy.

You know it's a REAL cough when it wakes up the person next to you.

And yet....

I can't decide if I think it's worthy of a $25 copay or not.

I mean, what if it's just a cold?

What if I'm a big fat idiot and I go see the doctor and he's all "You're such a pansy. Get out of my office."

I mean, what if I'm completely over-reacting?

What would I even say when I make the appointment?

"Hello. Yes, I'd like to see Dr. X. What? Oh, nature of visit? I might be dying.... I think. I don't know. I mean, I feel okay like THIS SECOND, but as soon as I hang up I'll start dying again. Does he treat this type of thing often? I mean, I guess it's a cough..."

It's quite the conundrum.


  1. Oh man. That stinks. I hope you start to feel better soon so you can save 25 dollars co pay.
    Get well soon!

  2. I hate decisions regarding illness. It is inevitable that you will feel better once you are in the doctor's office, thus forgoing 25$ for no reason. Feel better!

  3. I always do that. Sometime around the 3 week mark, I finally get sick of it and drop the $25. If you're worried about the whole swine flu thing going on, wait till you have a fever before running in. I had it back in April, and my temp was up to 103.9. THEN my doc was willing to prescripe meds. Lame. I hope you start feeling better soon!

  4. Hope you're feeling better soon.

  5. Feel better soon! Just think though, if it were one of your kids, you'd drop that $25 in a heartbeat....even to hear, "It's just a cold." Aren't we all such martyrs to the mommyhood cause?

  6. I hope it's nothing serious, but if you start running a fever, get to a doctor quick. I know, it was the 'mommy' in me.

  7. Yeah, I just went through this and didn't cough up the co-pay and my what-the-hell-is-it-malady lasted a month. Such a pain to be ill when you've got the little ones to take care of.

  8. Excellent use of the word conundrum...

    Get thee to a doctor and get some of that couch medicine that will aid you in not coughing up a lung.

    I know what you mean though...I can never decide if I should go in or not.