April 23, 2009

The All Knowing MomBabe:Part Three

Daily Drama Mama said...

If you had one "Do Over" to use at one time only in your life would you have already used it and on what or would you save it for something in the future? Just curious.

I would have already used it.... I'm not telling on what. On the other hand, if I hadn't made that mistake, my life would have been totally different. The timing alone would have made it so I never would have met the DadGuy. And I sorta like him... a lot.
Tara R. said...

If you could, would you rather be a Rock Star or a Movie Star and who would you want to be.

I'm going to go with rock star. I listen to music WAY more often than I see movies. Plus rock stars still have *some* privacy. You know, until they decide to do a VH1 reality show. (*cough*cough*Brett Michaels)
Kerri said...

Well, I was going to ask if you had a different picture to replace the one in your header but apparently Kimberly beat me to it. So, new question: are you a Mac person or a PC person? ;-)

Why do you all hate my face? Ugh! (kidding.... sorta...) I would LOVE to be a Mac person but I'm currently a PC person. You know, in these economic times and all....
Motherboard said...

Do you know the way to San Jose?

How did you get all your mad computer skillz?

When will I be famous?

Do you use photoshop?

Do you roll the toilet paper over or under?

Do you watch TV? If so, what?

I DO know the way to San Jose. From Phoenix. Not from here though. Computer Skillz were trial and error, but I'd LOVE to take a graphic design or web design class. But I need to qualify for residency before I can enroll in any of the school's around here. You'll never be IRL famous, but you're already internet famous. I don't use Photoshop. I wish I understood it, but there's too many buttons and I get sorta lost. I HAVE NOT TOILET PAPER PREFERENCE. I'm just happy that there's toilet paper in the bathroom at all. And I LOVE TV. Like, love love LOVE it. More on that later....
Celia Fae said...

I want to know where you learned to write so well. Do tell.

Aww, Celia, thank you! I know you've asked me this before. The truth is, I don't know. I write like I talk. I hate reading things, especially blogs, of people I know, and the whole time I'm like, what the trash? that is NOT what you told me and that is NOT what you sound like.

I do read a lot, I used to write a ton. English was always my favorite subject in school. I have boxes of journals, full of notes and thoughts and doodles. I've just always been better at expressing myself in writing than in person. Even now, when I can't sleep, I grab a notebook and just start writing. It's just something I enjoy.
Chelle said...

What are you top 10 projects you've done with your shortlings?

Hmmm, well. We're just NOW getting to a place where our "projects" are craftsy. From the time Thaddeus was a baby until just a few months ago, we were in a constant state of remodel. So the projects with my kids have just recently become coloring and gluing.

Before that, they'd help us lay tile, or texture the walls, or paint. They "helped" us build a garage. They've driven tractors, and done gardening and built retaining walls....

I really believe that kids need to work. I mean, I've spent HOURS teaching my kids how to clean the bathroom, and sweep the floor. I joke about them being my little slaves, but it's more than that. I'm not your maid, I'm not your chef. I'm your mother, and I have responsibility to YOU to prepare you for life. You don't want to help with laundry? Don't wear clothes. Don't want to help with dishes? Sweet. You're not going to eat here.

I think a lot of parents, moms especially, don't realize how capable their kids are. And the thing is, little kids LIKE to help. It makes them feel GOOD. They know when they've done a job well, they like to be praised, they like to help. Let 'em. You'll be pleasantly surprised. Promise.
Heather of the EO said...

Do you think that Anna Nicole's death was an accident or did someone kill her? Suicide?

OK, I don't really want to know that. I'm just watching E true hollywood story (I know...lame.)

My real question...the question I always ask when people ask for questions...

What is your very most favorite blog? the one you would choose if only allowed to read ONE blog for the REST of your life?

This might seem cruel, because it means you have to leave people out, but I really like getting the answer to this question. Because then I always find a new blog to read that I love, or one of my favorites is given a shout.

Ha ha!

First, I don't care. Second, you tricky tricky girl, Derfwad Manor. MomBabe loves Mrs. G.

H.K. said...

Why did you start blogging? And have you met any of your commenters in person, besides the ones you already met before blogging.

I started blogging because my doctor told me I needed a hobby. I said, "I have a hobby, I scrapbook!" He said, you scrapbook pictures OF YOUR KIDS. Doesn't count. He said, I should "start a blog or something." So I did. It has helped my sanity IMMENSELY.

People that I've met because of blogging. Celia Fae. Gabi. Lindsey. Pip. Lorena. Lauren. Thanks for not being psycho serial killers, guys.
Amber said...

Have you ever had a random person approach you and say they read your blog? How did you feel? Strange? Proud? Just wondering....

Only once. My friends husband started reading my blog because she left it up on the computer one day. So he came up to me at church and was all "I have to tell you, I read your blog every day." Then he started laughing.

In my head I was thinking "One step closer to ruling the world!"
Tenille said...

here's my question...
it happens to come from one of my favorite movies.
"what is it that first attracted you to me?"
(the response in the movie is "well, you're very polite now aren't you?")
And my response is this: I saw you walking down the hall at church, I hadn't met you yet, and you were OBVIOUSLY pregnant. I said something like, oh, congratulations, where are you due? And you were all "I want to cut this baby out of me right now... I need a coke." and I was all {swoon} I've never met anyone before or since, that was as sick or as miserable as me during pregnancy. I felt like we could hold hands and cry.

And that, my darling Tenille, was the start of our beautiful friendship.


  1. I've never had anyone approach me and tell me they read my blog.

    And I even wear a t-shirt when I run errands, with my blog name on it.

  2. I loved learning all this about you! Maybe some day I'll be as famous as you and have people approach me on the street. Or at church. whatever. I just wanna be approached! :>

  3. My husband reads your blog too.


  4. That was a cool post!

    I'm just realizing what a dork i am....i'm finally putting all this together... You, Motherboard, MMB, the new forum/group....had no idea these were the same chicks! DUH!!!!!!!!! ♥

  5. ah yes, I did so hate being pregnant. as did you. and I can recall many times that we have held hands and cried. you are the best!

  6. Sweet MomBabe those were very amazing answers. You are fun to get to know!