March 19, 2009

On Selling Out

So you know how sometimes you have these really great ideas in the middle of the night? And then you get up, do something about it, go back to bed, then wake up the next day thinking to yourself, holy crap, did I really just do that? No? Just me then? hmm.

Anyways, last night I was thinking to myself, "Self. You need a shirt that says Mombabe"

Then I said to myself, "You know what, those other moms that are total babes need one too."

Then I woke up and, well.....

It even comes in different colors. I KNOW, RIGHT?

And that's not all. Nope, not even a little bit. Because I know that you all love that I call my kids shortlings. So,umm..... YEAH.

Guys, I think I may have crossed the line.


  1. I want one! Where do I slide m card?

  2. i wish i had a baby. i LOVE that bib!!
    oh...i want to sell t-shirts for my blog. sadly though...i don't think anyone wants to wear rock and drool OR mom gone mental.
    that's a good one tho

  3. Those are GREAT!!!! You're genius! I esp. love that bib, maybe I'm on the other side of the age spectrum to wear one again ... nom nom nom ;)

  4. These are awesome! Great idea.

  5. the bib is awesome but it should be



    oh and I love love love the shirt. the mombabe shirt.

  6. I would get one, except that the size I'd have to order would be totally non-babe-ish. The shortling shirt though - - killer awesome.

  7. I think they are all totally cute! Good for you!

  8. A) Cool. B) You are a technical wizard with mad skills. I wouldn't know how to do that even if I wanted to.

  9. If you can guarantee I'll look as good as the mannequin in that shirt, I'll take 10!

  10. I'm totally buying one. No all three... where do I sign??

  11. OMG - WAY WAY cute!! You should make a line, I'd SO buy!!