March 18, 2009

Cleverly Untitled

My house guests are gone. It was fun while it lasted. The grandparents managed to spoil us rotten and we have enough treats to last us the next 87 years or so. So, love you, miss you, see you _____ . (I can't put a date because well, there's no plans to go out anytime soon. In fact, when asked, I said I'll be out whenever someone dies.... at least I'm honest)

In other news, for our last day, we headed up to Baltimore and went to the aquarium. We can go all the time now because we have a year pass. Because the difference in price for a DAY pass versus a YEAR pass was FIVE DOLLARS... seriously. Way to rate National Aquarium.


Today I did some Pilates, a Power 90 DVD, and I plan on walking/jogging later today. I say walk/jog because it still hurts if I jog but a girl can try, right?

Sidenote - do you know how uncomfortable it is to run when your belly is taped up? It gets itchy and sweaty, but withOUT the taping, you can't jog at all because it HURTS LIKE HELL. I'm still not convinced that things have shifted in
to their permanent positions yet. I swear that I can feel an empty space where my uterus used to be. Any hyster-sisters care to comment on that?

Because at least if I die, I will do it while earning my "smoking hot" status. Currently, I think I'm in the "pretty face" category of things which is completely unacceptable.... IF IT KILLS ME, PEOPLE.

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