Neighborhood Day Camp

Thanks for your interest in the Neighborhood Day Camp for Summer of 2016!

Children ages 4-8 are invited to attend a safe, fun, and action packed summer adventure where they get to learn new skills and make new friends! 

Camp will be held on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 9am-12pm, 

Cost is $40 per child. Each session is limited to 10 children. Choose your adventure and register below!

Week 1
June 7, 9
Buggin’ Out
Did you know all bugs are insects but not all insects are bugs? Ever wonder why mosquito bites itch or how bees make honey? And who has more muscles: a caterpillar or the human body? The answer may surprise you! Try not to bug out as we explore the life of insects around us and find some buggy friends of our own!
Week 2
June 14, 16
Animal Adventure  
Journey with us to the exciting world of animals. We'll take a look at animals big and small, from fluffy llamas to scaly lizards, as we explore animal opposites. Find out what animals live in big families, and which ones prefer to live alone. Why are some animals awake at night, when we want to sleep? Why are some animals loud, while others prefer quiet? Find out in Animal Adventures!
Week 3
June 21, 23
Ocean Explorer
Dive in to an ocean of learning and fun! We'll introduce campers to the underwater world and all the amazing things found beneath the sea! Discover the crazy critters found on the coral reef and learn the mysteries of the marine mammals that swim in the sea.
Week 4
June 28, 30
Wonderful Wonderland
Down, down, down the rabbit hole we go! Celebrate your un-birthday, and join us for some tea. Play hedgehog croquet, but careful you don't win! We want to keep our heads firmly attached as we explore the curiouser and curiouser wonderful world of Wonderland.
Week 5
July 5, 7
Pirates on the High Seas
Ahoy Mateys! Set sail on a pirate adventure as we search for hidden treasure; but watch out! There may be a mutiny on the horizon. Aspiring buccaneers will practice pirate science and learn to speak like pirate. We'll hunt down the kraken, so buckle your boots, and get ready to walk the plank into a camp that's swashbuckling fun!
Week 6
July 12, 14
Knights and Princesses
Travel back in time to the Medieval Era, when gallant knights went on quests, and royal families ruled the world. Join our princesses and knights on their trusty steeds as they journey to save the kingdom from an evil dragon who has kidnapped the King!
Week 7
July 19, 21
Spectacular Superheroes
It's a bird! It's a plane! It's SUPERHERO Day! Join us at the Superhero Training Academy, where you will hone your superhero skills. We'll have tests of strength and character, as well as super power training. When you graduate from the Academy, you'll become an official member of the Justice League. We will save the world from the evil Supervillians, and perform a daring rescue!
Week 8
July 26, 28
Wild, Wild West
Yee-haw! The frontier needs a few more cowpokes to help settle the land. We'll do-si-do and pan for gold. We'll explore covered wagons, wagon trains, and learn some campfire songs. Join us on our Wild West Adventure as we discover the rich history of New Mexico and maybe meet some real TALL American heroes. Westward Ho!