May 28, 2019

Almost Summer

We are in the last week of school. We are excited, but also not excited. The kids want to do so many things, on top of all the other things that already are happening, and it's just not going to be a calm, lazy break.

Meanwhile, it rained SO MUCH, that I already had to go and prune the itty bitty tomato plants. They were starting to grow a little fungus, because that's what happens when you have warm, wet weather. Also, I made Troy go out back with me to see all the plants that I am super proud of. And this year we have gooseberries! I've never had one before, so I'm excited to try. What else, what else...

I've been interviewing for a few different jobs. The first order of business after getting officially hired will be to hire a house cleaning service for every other week. It's happening guys. I can't keep the house in tip top shape because my dumb body doesn't like household chores. My body doesn't like to bend. It gets SUPER angry. And almost all the chores around the house involve bending! Loading dishwasher, bend. Cleaning toilet, bend. Mopping, bend. Vacuuming, bend. Laundry, so much bend! And I can do a little bending. It's just that I can only do so much, and I prefer to save my bends for the garden, therefore, maid service!

The kids will also have to step it up a little bit around the house. They will have to get dinner prepped and started. They'll have to keep up with their chores, and their activities. They're just going to have to take their responsibilities seriously. I mean, there's not an overly excessive amount of things they need to do... but putting your shoes in your bedroom is required. I know it's asking a lot, but I feel confident that they will figure it out.