March 10, 2019


Last night there was quite a hullabaloo over what to do for dinner.

You see, there is a LOT of food in this house. Quite a lot. We have plenty of things to eat, and plenty of meals and treats that could be made as well. We do, however, seem to be quite lacking in the easy, grab off the shelf food. (This is because I believe FOOD doesn't come in a package. PRODUCT comes in a package. I have a whole soap box I like to get out, brush off, and preach from every now and then when my kids complain about snacks.) ANYWAYS.

I told my family that we have plenty of food, and I don't want to go to the grocery store, and I think it's silly to even go to the store when we have plenty of things to eat at home already. (Seriously. An example: There was a fantastic sale on boneless/skinless chicken breast a while back, and I bought 40 POUNDS. It was a killer deal.) Plus we have all the delicious food from our garden that is canned or frozen and my goodness gracious, I REFUSE TO GO TO THE STORE. So we are having our very own pantry challenge, and it's going to be great. Tonight's dinner is honey-garlic roasted root veggies, with honey-garlic grilled chicken. I do like to have green food with every meal, so I might open up some green beans, but then again, I might not. I HAVEN'T DECIDED. I feel like root vegetables are super filling, so we don't necessarily need another vegetable, but I also have GIGANTIC TEENAGE CHILDREN who eat so very much food. Maybe I'll add a bread, hmmmm. But do you see? There just is no reason for me to buy more food. I WILL check the ads and see if anything is on super sale, but I'm not just going to go because I'm in the habit of a weekly shopping trip.

Speaking of food, my seedlings look awesome! Most everything has popped up, though I'm still waiting on the husk cherries. Confession: I can't remember for sure that I actually put seeds in the grow box, so I added more seeds yesterday, because I think that maybe the reason they're not growing yet is because I maybe forgot to plant them. Hooray for cognitive brain dysfunction! It is seriously getting bad though, guys. And also today at church, when they were passing the roll around, I couldn't even turn the page. It took a ridiculous amount of time for me to get that dang paper to unstick to the one behind it, and I almost gave up. BUT THEN I DIDN'T and I ended up turning the page all by myself so I win at life.