March 20, 2019


My body straight up QUIT on me last week. I was trying to describe it, and really, the only other time I've had such painful muscle spasms was during CHILDBIRTH... specifically, when I was experiencing back labor. So I got to use my handy dandy walker to get places, and my fun kids got to fetch my pills and help me get from my bed to the bathroom and back again. Thankfully, it only lasted about two days, but I think I need to start getting spinal injections. I'm also really thankful for TV, which helps keep me distracted from the searing, white hot pangs of death.

I have also had feedback from my children that they would like better descriptions of my state of health beyond my usual "I don't feel good". According to them, I never feel good, so if I feel worse than usual, they would like specifics. I guess I can accommodate.

Meanwhile, I am busy trying to get the relief society ministering interviews scheduled. I usually only have two districts to worry about, but since it's the last month of the quarter, I am trying to get in touch with anybody that hasn't had their interview yet. And I hate the word interview in this case, because it's so formal. I mean, it technically IS an interview, but it's also not? I don't know. I just have feelings about the verbiage is all. Plus I have to call people ON THE PHONE. Ugh. Phone calls are the dumbest and give me anxiety.

Also, the last term of the school year started! I have a love/hate relationship with school. Actually, I have a love/hate relationship with most things, and I think most people do. There are very few things that I love all the time, and there are very few things that I hate all the time. Mostly, I'm wishy-washy about the vast majority of things, and I have completely forgotten what I was going to say, because tangents are just the right amount of distraction. I have no idea what I was getting on about. Even the first sentence of this paragraph isn't helpful enough, because I can see that I have ended the sentence with an exclamation point, and now that I'm thinking about it, what is so exciting about a new school term? That means we are one step closer to summer, yes, but it also means we are one step closer to having kids home all day, every day, which means I need to start planning NOW, because the children are coming! My goodness, I can write a mean run-on sentence.

Now I'm off to do something, though I can't remember what that something is. Fingers crossed I figure it out soon.