February 28, 2019

February 2019

I know I said I was going to get back to writing regularly, but OBVIOUSLY, that was a lie. Don't get me wrong, the intention is certainly there... And I do think about writing almost daily. It's just that I haven't because I haven't. I'm sure you all know what I'm talking about. It's just like anything else in life, like deciding to hit the gym every day, or to read at least one chapter in a book a day. Life just gets you sidetracked sometimes. All that being said, I really, truly DO plan to get this blog back up and running.

So, what has our life been like lately.... busy. It's been crazy busy.

Thaddeus is now 15. He drives and he has a JOB. First of all, in Utah, the second you turn 15, you can get your learners permit... which is exactly what he did the second he was old enough. I was not ready for this step, because I assumed it would be like AZ or NM or VA, where you need to be 15 AND ONE HALF. But no, I was wrong. So he got his learners permit, and now wants to drive everyone everywhere all the time. He also successfully completed the lifeguard training course, and was immediately offered a job at the local pool, which is open year round. AND ANOTHER THING is that he is now a 15 year old PRIEST because the church changed a few things in the youth program, so he now can bless the sacrament and do all those sorts of priestly things, and YOU GUYS: I HAVE ANOTHER MAN IN MY HOUSE. And he has man friends that come over, and I don't always recognize his voice on the phone, and he'll be in proper high school next year, and WHERE HAS THE TIME GONE?

Moving on.

Blayne turned 14 in December, which means she moved from the Beehive program to the Mia Maid program. Right after her birthday, the church youth program changes. So she will actually only have one year as a Mia Maid, because she will move up to Laurels next year. Also, since Blayne's being home schooled, she has quite a bit of freedom, and is now having her very own personalized boarding school experience. Ooh-la-la! She drove to AZ with my parents after Christmas, and spent a few weeks with her Claridge cousins, and is now at my parents homestead IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE, learning all sorts of wonderful things in addition to the typical "school" experience. She's learning to play the piano, and is sewing a quilt. She also has to chop firewood and collect kindling, and will be helping to build the kitchen from the ground up... literally. The footings are dug, and ready to be poured, but they're full of snow at the moment. I even think she's getting some rifle practice because there are coyotes in the area, along with absolutely enormous rabbits.

Daniel is back at a traditional brick and mortar school again. Hallelujah. We have had quite the kerfuffle with school boundary variances, and FROM HENCE FORTH, the children in this house will ONLY go to their assigned schools. It's just a little bit dumb, because we are right on boundary line. At any rate, Daniel's back in school, and is doing alright. He's the Deacon's Quorum President in our ward, and is absolutely crushing the Boy Scout program. In fact, he's pretty close to getting his Eagle. He has his Life rank, and needs just a couple more overnight camp outs, then it's on to his Eagle project. He has 100% done this all completely of his own accord. It's pretty sweet.

And then we have Taylor. In January, she became a Beehive, and we are just happy that she's not the smallest girl in the group. We actually get to register her for junior high this afternoon. Eek! The junior high music teachers go around to the different elementary schools and bring instruments for the kids to try. This way, they can kind of get a feel for what they would be good at. Taylor did the BEST on the baritone.... except that then I reminded her that she will be getting braces, and that after Blayne got her braces, she couldn't play the trumpet for quite a long time because it HURT. But that's just fine, because Taylor would rather be a percussionist anyways. She's also been learning to play the piano, and that's going pretty well. I think I need different books though, because the piano books I have are more for little kids learning to play, not for older kids. Actually, maybe I'll head to the music store later today...

Also, Troy and I finally bought our very own KING SIZE BED, and it is wonderful and roomy, and I love it. We don't have a bed frame or headboard though, because I haven't found one that I like. After all, if I'm going to spend a lot of money on something, I better like it!

Troy is crazy busy at work these days, and leaves before most of us get up in the morning. Meanwhile, I try to run the house and keep it clean, but it just takes a lot out of me. I'm actually starting to look into maid services. The whole cleaning thing is just dumb. If the house is dirty, it makes me sick, but cleaning the house also makes me sick. for example, we got the new bed. Well, before it was delivered, the carpets needed to be clean, so I cleaned them. Then I laid in bed for the next four days because my body took that long to recover. LAME. But I have invested in some steam cleaning tools that make the whole process easier. I have a steam vacuum for the floors, and a handheld one for everything else. I love the steam cleaners because it sanitizes everything, and all I use is a little water, which is nice because I'm allergic to so many danged cleaning products now. My dream house smell is hospital grade antiseptic.

Anyways... we're all alive and well and all that nonsense.