June 9, 2017


So it's been awhile.

Let's see: We keep trying to buy houses. It's not working. We keep getting out bid, and people here are paying OVER asking AND appraisal prices, and I shall NOT pay a dime more than what a house is worth. Plus, they're old, and wonky, and most require between $20-$50K in upgrades... We're talking plumbing, electrical, even foundation at times. We have a really solid lead on two homes though... And either would be perfect, we just have a few life things we need to work out first. (I know, I know, VAGUE, but maybe there's a REASON we haven't been able to find a local house.)

Also, school is over. We are doing some summer camps this year, but since we don't exactly know where we will be living in July and after, I didn't want to commit to events at the current address. In all likelihood, we will still be living in our tiny duplex, but it's not 100%. Besides, I do need SOME kind of break.

My new job is going great. School has been out for one whole week! It's nice, and not, all at once. I like paychecks, but I also like sleeping past 5:30 a.m. (Not that that's happening. I keep waking up, even when I don't set the alarm!)

Thaddeus leaves for scout camp tomorrow. He'll be gone 8 days. Then he gets back just in time to kick Blayne out for girls camp. She's excited. I also just remembered that she has to give a talk in church on Sunday... Probably should remind her. After that, Taylor leaves for cousin camp. It will be interesting this year, because my parents bought a farm. Well, it COULD be a farm. Right now, it's just a lot, a lor of land in Northern Arizona that's about to get a facelift.

In other news, I am in an eternal laundry fight with my kids. I have now decided that I will never launder another item of their clothing again. Never, ever, cross my heart. People have become increasingly more lazy, and I have had it. I cannot work all day, then come home, and do all of the house things. I cannot. So we have had quite a few "Come to Jesus" chats around here.

The only other thing I can think to write about at the moment is the garden dilemma. I haven't planted anything this year. My kale, lettuce, and onions have come back on their own, but I haven't started seeds or anything, and I am conflicted. The whole problem goes back to the moving thing. Are we moving? Are we not? When are we moving? Will things be ready to harvest before then? Will it just be a waste of time and money? But on the other hand, gardening makes me happy in my SOUL, but I can't justify a trip to the nursery if I'm not going to be able to see it through. I JUST WANT ANSWERS DEAR UNIVERSE. ANSWERS!

So in a nutshell: we are alive. we are breathing. we are also balancing on a teeter totter of emotional distress and tensions and tempers are high. YAY LIFE!