January 23, 2017


I am currently ON THE HUNT for children's clothing. You see, my kiddos, for the most part, cannot wear clothes off the rack. Oh no, that would be too easy! We need a "specialty fit".


Thaddeus and Taylor are the easiest people right now.  For the most part, we can get Thaddeus and Taylor slim fit bottoms, and they almost fit us. Luckily, Thaddeus can just put on a belt and continue on his day. Taylor has a harder time, because her waist is small and her legs are long, which is GREAT if you're an ADULT FEMALE. So there is a lot of the trying on of all the things, which Taylor doesn't mind, which is a godsend. because Hell is: The Trying On Of All The Things And Showing Mom All The Things You Tried On And Not Lying About It And Fighting In The Fitting Rooms Getting Side-Eyed By Other Shoppers And Employees And LET ME SEE THE PANTS. 

Mostly, Taylor wears leggings.

Then we have Blayne. This dear girl is almost as tall as me now, and she is curvy. She can wear the Old Navy brand of jeans, high waisted, curvy fit. Not that they are actually high waisted on her. They sit at her natural waist, because her bum fills out the back end. It's the volume of the person inside that matter! Anyways, they generally don't have her size/style in stock. Which is fine, we can just order things online.

Also, because she is shaped like me, we have a hard time finding tops, because girlfriend is LEGS FOR DAYS. (In fact, she has a longer inseam than her father, who is still 7 or 8 inches taller than she.)  And because she is short waisted, V-necks and most scoop necks are out. (They look a little scandalous, and she is constantly adjusting.) We also try to get long shirts, because we don't want our bum showing every time we sit down. And also, Blayne is going to be tall, and she has the broad shoulders to prove it. Most button up tops look funny, because the darts and pleating are in the wrong spots. It's an all-day, hit every store ordeal to dress this gal.

Then we have Daniel, who will also be tall person. And in true Bingham fashion, he grows out, then up. We are in the growing UP stage, and Daniel, who is 10 years old, requires clothing from the men's section. Except then things are too long. But we want to not look like a stuffed sausage, so we get the clothes, and then I tailor the clothes. I HATE HEMMING JEANS. Without fail, I'll break a needle on my machine, or depending on the cut of the pant/shirt, I have to rework the shape, and it's just a super annoying process! And yes, I could buy things off the rack... a Very. Expensive. Rack.

The hardest part of all of this is ME, keeping a SUPER GOOD ATTITUDE! and smiling and such! Because if I get annoyed, then it trickles down, and everyone is mad at everyone else, and we plunge straight into retail hell. So I'm super annoying and fake happy and run back and forth, bringing more things in, and putting other things back.

Oh! And did I mention that my people wear the same size shoe as me? My boys steal my boots and slides. Blayne steals everything else. This is sometimes a problem, like when I need my sneakers and can't find them anywhere, and I KNOW I put them back in my closet, in my shoe pocket thing, and lo and behold! They are on girlfriends feet.

At any rate, today's to-do list:

  • clothe the children
  • make doctor appointments
  • prep preschool stuff
  • refill prescriptions
  • update resume (more on this later) 
  • wash laundry from this last weekends boy scout ski trip. (ALL the boys went! It was amazing!)
  • put away winter decorations
  • clear all the flat surfaces, where people pile all their junk, myself included. 
  • make visiting teaching appointments
  • prepare Family Home Evening lesson/Family Business