May 10, 2016


I feel as if my life is a series of checklists these days.

Taylor. Lion King. CHECK!

Daniel. New glasses. CHECK!

Blayne. Eyeglasses repaired. CHECK!

Thaddeus. Scout Camp registration. CHECK!

Thaddeus. Pioneer Trek 2016 prep. CHECK!

Daniel. Cub Scout Day Camp registration. CHECK!

Daniel. Football Registration. CHECK!

And on and on and on it goes. Thankfully, school is winding to a close, so some of the crazy will be alleviated. I don't volunteer at the school or anything, and it is CRAZY how often we have school related things to do. This very morning we have the end-of-year music concert, which means Thaddeus, Blayne, and Daniel have to be at school an hour early for warm-up and such. Which means I have to have all the lunches prepared earlier than normal. Luckily, I woke up at 5am. (Not on purpose, mind you. It just happened.)

At any rate, we are on the go, all the time, and it is mostly fun.

Daniel had a birthday last week. He is TEN YEARS OLD! This kid, man, he is great. His birthday gift was FOOTBALL! Danny's been asking for years to play on a football team. He is finally getting his wish, because he is registered to play AND he got football cleats AND he got a mouth guard. It's pretty sweet. We all went in to town to get him his new cleats (sidenote: Daniel shoe size is a MENS SIZE 7), and then we went out to dinner... at a real, sit-down restaurant, with a real, actual waiter! It was pretty great. And Daniel got a huge slice of chocolate cake with a giant scoop of ice cream because it was his birthday. He felt pretty special. And because he is in his tenth year, he will be headed to Arizona this summer for COUSIN CAMP 2016! He's going to have all sorts of fun with his cousin Megan.

Meanwhile, a gal in our ward, who just moved out of state, had a LOT hair clients, and she has referred them all to me! So I'm keeping busy with lots of new people and lots of new hair styles, and it is lots and lots of fun.

But the time is now 6am, and I hear people starting to stir, which means I'm up to bat. Hopefully, I can find time to blog more often. I miss it!

Oh, AND if you were interested in my summer camps, there's still room left! We have 8 weeks of super fun activities planned, and we would love to have your little camper join us! Check it out here, Neighborhood Day Camp, I'm sure we'll have something your person would love to do!