February 12, 2016

Let's be friends

My life! It is so crazy around here right now, and I LOVE IT. However, it leaves little time for extra activities.

Currently, we are in the middle of FRIENDSHIP WEEK. It's a super fun tradition here in Los Alamos! It's basically Secret Santa, but in February. Tons of families participate, and it is hilarious to watch my kids leave little gifts at people's door, then ring the bell and RUN! Meanwhile, my children are trying to catch whoever is our secret friend. Sadly, they are not having any luck. We have some clues though. We saw a very blonde boy hop into a minivan. There was also a car seat, so they've been trying to figure out who has blonde hair and a baby, and drives a van. Unfortunately, that could be quite a few people.

Also the boys have the Klondike this weekend. And the girls have a stake Activity Days day camp. And I need to cut my hair.... and color it. And I have a few gals that need to get in to get their hairs cut and colored. I also have to meet with a friend to practice my SOLO that I'll be singing in church this week.

I also need to make eating and sleeping a priority again. I've been having medication problems again, and something is up to no good. I hurt really badly, and my fingers and toes are so itchy. I also have an ultrasound today for my thyroid AND a biopsy... I think. I can't remember, and I didn't write it down anywhere, so naturally, I forgot all about everything.