January 1, 2016

November 2015

After we recovered from Halloween, it was time to go full AUTUMN.

We ended up going to Arizona for Thanksgiving. It was a little strange because we've been on our own for the holidays for the longest time, and it was just WEIRD to not plan a menu and do our usual stuff. (Pies for lunch, turkey for dinner.... best thing ever.)

We stayed with Troy's parents, and got to hang out with all the Bingham cousins. It was a ton of fun.

One day, all the Bingham girls, Grandma, me, Blayne,  Taylor, Marie, Ellie, Sadie, Jessica, Kambry, and Maddie, drove over to Scottsdale to see the American Girl store. YOU GUYS. I almost died. It was MAGICAL in there. And the dolls! And the accessories! I wanted everything, my girls wanted everything... We settled with getting shirts for ourselves and our dolls. Twins for life!

Also, the Christmas tree was pink and purple and SPARKLES. It was basically Blayne's dream Christmas tree. Also, in my head, I knew that my kids were the oldest of the Bingham cousins, but when all the kids would stand together, I was like, "OH! My kids are BIG!" The next oldest kids turn eight next summer, when my baby, Taylor, will be nine. It was just a weird thing for me to actually notice.

Since we haven't lived near family for so long, we haven't had family pictures taken for a long while. Family photos were definitely on the agenda, and I think they turned out pretty great. And yes, I currently have red hair.