September 18, 2015

Small world

Our eyeglasses came in! Blayne is happy as a lark to have new glasses, because her old ones were a couple of years old. Meanwhile, Daniel has had a rough day adjusting to his glasses. This is because he has never had glasses before, and his eyes were freaking the heck out. He ended up not going to school, because he had a monster headache, and was a little vomitous. (And yes, I know that's not a real word, and furthermore, I don't care.) 

Plus, Taylor was complaining of a sore throat this morning. I looked at it, and it was a little red, but nothing crazy. Plus, she had NO FEVER. So after getting people's glasses, and deciding to just take Daniel on my errands (with plenty of gallon sized ziploc bags to throw up in on the drive to Santa Fe), I received a little phone call - from the school nurse. Of course, I was a full hours drive away, and in the middle of getting fabric cut, so I couldn't leave immediately. At any rate, we cut our the remaining errands, picked up Taylor, and girlfriend has STREP THROAT! AGAIN! So glad those nasty tonsils are coming out soon. 

Meanwhile, Thaddeus is on a scout camp-out tonight. He was getting a little TOO prepared, though. I made him put everything he was going to bring on the kitchen table, then I vetoed a solid half of his items. What sorts of things did I veto? Well, my cast iron pan for one. And the fire starters. And the lighter fluid. And our camp grill. And some various tools/weaponry. I let him keep his leatherman took, and a pocket knife. But all other sharp objects were removed. He was not happy with me, and insisted that yes, the scoutmaster might be BRINGING the food, but the SCOUTS had to prep and cook it! And I agreed that yes, the scouts DO have to prep and cook the food. But I pointed out that usually the people who bring the food, also bring the supplies to cook the food. 

This disagreement lasted over an hour. 

It lasted until I pulled up an email that basically said, bring a fork and a sleeping bag. Obviously, Thaddeus and I have different expectations about what to bring to a camp-out. It was also pointed out to me that when we go camping (as a family) we bring all these kinds of supplies. I countered with the whole, "Yes, but that's because mom and dad are in charge of all different aspects of the camp-out, but when you go with your scout troop (or young women's group, or youth group), the adults-in-charge bring all that stuff." 

I also wouldn't let him take our tent... that sleeps 8-10 people.... for just himself. 

I told him that he would have to either A)sleep in someone else's TWO PERSON tent, or B)suck it up and sleep on the ground. He was horrified by both choices. I did not care. 

Also this week: I went to the local schools and did some observing, so that I can be a substitute. I almost fell asleep when the teacher turned the lights out to watch a quick video. Also, I was observing fifth grade, and since it was afternoon rotations, I got to be in the same class as Blayne for thirty minutes! And there was a guest teacher from New Mexico University, who just so happens to be my NEIGHBOR. So that was fun. 

What is NOT fun is how cold it is in the mornings. We need thicker socks and slippers. And I've decided that we all need robes, big fleecy ones.