September 26, 2015

Do Not Sit

I was a little sick on today. You know, there has got to be a better word than "sick", because it's not like I was running a fever and all that, I was just a little bit off. And everything would have been just fine, except that I sat down for a minute, and the next thing I know, it's four hours later. Apparently, my body needed some rest. Then, I got up, and started to do some housework. And eventually I went in my room to fold the laundry. Now, I like to turn on the tv, while I sit on my bed and fold laundry. Sitting down was, again, a big mistake. I fell asleep and had my second very long nap of the day, and when I woke up (actually. when I was woken up... by my children returning from SCHOOL) I had a monster headache.

So basically, my Friday was shot to hell.

And now I need to do all my Friday stuff on Saturday, which is not helpful AT ALL, because I already have a few things that need to happen. It's just a rather annoying hindrance to my weekend. But I feel confident that as long as I remain standing, I will prevail!