July 1, 2015


I have been major slacking thus far this summer. Last year, I had a game plan, and we had projects, and this year.... this year I have done NOTHING except read and clean house. I DO have a plan of attack regarding the children that is being implemented today. Mostly because my kids are tech obsessed and have been having issues with real, actual relationships. So they have lost some tech privileges and are having to enjoy summer old school. (Cue the meltdowns.)

They also get to enjoy summer school with me! Because we need to remember how to use our math and writing skills! (Plus, some of us need to really practice our penmanship. It is what I would call, hmmm, horrific.)

I am ALSO making the children do bible study AND keep a journal. So they can study by topic or story, or just go through from the beginning. I DON'T REALLY CARE. The point is that we need quiet time to THINK about what we are reading, and we need to explore our thoughts and feelings individually.

We are also having P.E. each day. My children watch infomercials sometimes (on purpose) and so we just acquired the T25 workout DVD's.  We are also the owners of Zumba, P90X, and the Brazil Butt Lift exercise series. In theory, we should all be very fit.... but we are NOT. However, we have about 6 weeks before school starts again, which means we have 6 weeks to develop healthy habits.

I am hoping that as we study and play together, we'll grow closer and have a little less bickering in the house. I know it won't totally go away, but I'm hoping that it just becomes LESS. I really want my kids to like and support each other, and seeing as how they are growing up so danged fast, I need to take action now. Which means back to the basics.

I am old school when it comes to family time. I think that people need to pray together, eat dinner together, work together... There are very important life skills that you learn from doing these very basic things. Unfortunately, these very basic things tend to be forgotten very easily, and it's kind of sad to see how quickly we forget to have compassion and love for one another. I know that deep down, we love each other and all that, but it would be nice if there was MORE love, and it would be nice if we didn't have to dig SO very deep to remember that we like each other and have one another's backs.

An added bonus to the Less Tech movement is that I will finally get to use the computer, so I can actually do homework and stuff. It's pretty embarrassing when your teacher calls to check in on your progress, and you have accomplished absolutely NOTHING and make up an excuse. (Not that I ever do that. Nuh-uh, not me.... except for ALL THE TIME.)

Anyways, that is the new plan, and it has gone into effect, and so far, so good.

And this is only happening because we are FINALLY moved in. Pictures are up, chore wheel is up, boxes are nicely stored in the shed for the next time we move. (I am not moving again unless it is a move to our own home, that we have purchased. And we are NOT purchasing a home until we have a few other things paid off AND the home has everything on my checklist... which basically means that the parking, laundry, kitchen, and master bedroom and bath have to all be on the same level. And since we live on the top of a mountain, these types of home are a little hard to come by. They exist, but they tend to cost more, therefore, we will continue to live in this cute little duplex with one bathroom and cheap rent for quite a long while.)

AND I was totally going to upload all our pictures, and now I have misplaced the camera! I seriously cannot find it, and I don't remember where I put it. Oh well, maybe next time. It's not like I'm a photo blogger. ;)