October 22, 2014

Not even sure I read what I wrote. Thsi is because I'm extremely tire and have been robotically typing for the last however long.

My house is in full Halloween upheaval. It's a big fat mess, but it's a GOOD mess. 

Today, I busted out the power tools and cut a few weapons to go along with our costumes. Here's the thing, Thaddeus is going to be Steve from Minecraft, and Daniel is going to be a creeper. Easy peasy, I got two cardboard boxes, painted them up, and voila! Costume done! Except that Steve always has a sword or a pickaxe. I mean, how can you MINE if you don't have an AX? And the prices on pre-made craptastic foam swords and axes is $20 a piece. Uh.... no thanks. Instead, I went to Lowes, picked up a plank of wood, brought it home, and made all our various weapons. Plus, Taylor has a battle ax (not to be confused with a diamond pick ax) and a shield; she's going to be a Viking Warrior Princess. (And don't even get me STARTED on that girl's costume dreams... She's not very happy with me right now because I won't make her plaid super hero bottoms, which is the nice way to say she wants a pair of plaid underwear, and only red and black plaids please.... give me a break.)

At any rate, my home looks like it has exploded. And as I'm preparing to go to bed, I'm very grateful that my kids are old enough that I don't have to put away the saw, exacto knives, staple guns, and other various dangerous items.... because I know they won't touch it! It's pretty much the best thing ever. 

Meanwhile, I've been thinking a lot about babies lately. Mostly on account of my sisters all having babies this last year. For reals. Verity, Meredith, Berit, and Maria all had babies, plus some friends around here had some babies, which makes me nostalgic for when my kids were little chubby babies. It was so easy when they were little. Yes, life was monotonous, and aggravating, but it was a sweet time too. Babies are easy. They cry when they're hungry or hurt. They're cheerful, like, all the time. I would very much like to bottle some of that cheer up and then spritz it on various children when the need arises. 

We are going through a sassy, back talking phase right now. I am trying my dardenst to nip it in the bud, but the ATTITUDES of some of the kiddos.... Man alive, I want to just haul off and slap them upside the head! I don't, because, you know, we try really hard to not hit each other. It's kind of  one of those "big rules" I like every one to follow,... You know, keep your damn hands to  yourself! ... Ah, the joys of parenting. 

The kids are doing pretty good in school. Thaddeus "forgets" his homework at school almost every day. It's getting on my very last nerve. Also, I'm pretty sure that Daniel hasn't been giving me notes from his teachers and speech therapists, because all the sudden! This needs to be signed! And he was supposed to practice his "r's" with me, and, And, AND. I'm telling you, this homework nonsense is driving me crazy. 

The girls are also doing well. Blayne is taking in her book report diaroma tomottow. Naturally, it was some book about some dog. Because we only like dog things. (Which makes me wonder, why didn't she want to be a dog for Halloween? Not that I'm complaining. Princess Fairies are wonderfully easy costumes.)

And now, as my eyes are refusing to work, and my brain is slowing down, I'm going to sign off. Good night! 

P.S.  Bullet point on my resume: Able to type while sleeping. Two points griffindor.