September 1, 2014

Back in Business

Oh my life, we are *thisclose* to being back to normal.

We are officially moved and settled in. I still have a few things I'd like to organize better, but we are not living amid boxes. And after tomorrow, the house will be even MORE picked up, because all the school supply paraphernalia will be gone.

Now for updates:


The kids had a fabulous time. They went swimming and stayed up late and made lots of friends. They have already requested to go next year, so it's pretty safe to assume they had fun. Also, since it's a camp for kids who have parents with MS, they had like, baby support groups... but with fun. Thaddeus said it was really neat to meet other kids with Moms and Dads that have MS, because they know just what his life is like. And the kids LOVED their C-I-T's (counselor's in training).

I also heard all about a relay race they had, where the kids had to experience the different symptoms of MS while running back and forth. For blurred vision, they had to wear scratched up goggles. And they got spun around a lot to experience dizziness. Another symptom is the "drop foot"; for that one, the kids wore a flipper on one foot. Taylor said the flipper was so hard! Of course, while they are telling me this, they are pantomiming the relay race and giving me a full play by play. I asked if anyone did all those things together, and their mouths hung open at the thought. I told them that on a good day, I'll only have one or two symptoms like that, but sometimes, I have all those things going on at once... plus even more! It suddenly made sense to them why, when we go grocery shopping, I get to push the cart, because I need the stability.


Yes, that's right. I have a new job. I shall be teaching the junior class at the Kimber Academy. It's a faith based private school that focuses on God, Family, and Country. There's some things I really like, and some that are not quite my cup of tea. All politics aside, I'm excited to be there, and can't wait to get to know all the kids in my class!


We are no longer in a branch. We are in the Chickahominy Ward. Our building has actual pews in the chapel. And a gymnasium! With wooden floors! And our building is only 10 minutes away! We are super excited about all of that.


Well, there's just a whole lot going on... I hereby promise to update the blog more regularly. Which will be much easier because WE HAVE GOOD INTERNET!  GUYS: we are back in business around here. No data limits. No signal problems. It. Is. Glorious.

But for now, I have to go to bed, because I have SCHOOL tomorrow. Yikes!